Top Scouts into CA Civs

Scouts into CA is a huge keep. Scouts units your eco up better with more farming and each upgrades, ideally forces your opponent accurate into a load of pointless spears, and then you create a change to your capacity as much as Fortress Age and you’ve got the entire lot you need, because that's your comp, the entire capacity through to put up-Imp and Hussar with HCA. You capture your stable for Husbandry and Bloodlines plus supporting units, you drop three ranges after that and lump on gold to complement your 18-20 farms. You're as much as Imp faster on 1 TC. You use your scheme presence for a forward castle and hump for trebs. It's neat, fantastic, cell. It's the new new part. It's what the entire children are doing. Try Scouts into CA this day!

Alright I'm real bored. Here's my ranking:

  1. Tatars. Inner most preference right here in actuality but they retract for a mix of a constructive eco bonus (sheep wait on to lengthen farms when wooden is tight), free Thumb Ring (which is so tasty), a large UT for this keep which doesn't keep the strongest HCA but provides large Hussars too, and the hill bonus which is related from minute 1 to minute 100 and might per chance fast snowball fights with itsy-bitsy numbers of scouts. They even rep a treb UT which is large because I on the entire drop a forward castle with the scheme adjust from this form of keep.
  2. Magyars. No eco bonus but cheap forging scouts are gruesome if your opponent isn't entirely walled and their HCA in put up-Imp are the most efficient within the sport. The very fact they're generic for a in point of fact long time doesn't problem me, it’s likely you’ll maybe be ready to design so great hurt in Feudal. Plus for those that open scouts with Magyars all americans will query knights so that they'll presumably no longer be hesitant about the spears (especially as they won't be ready to head scout vs scout as a rule).
  3. Huns. Huns are Huns. They stunning great invented this strat. Lose aspects for no longer getting FU HCA. Most folk would presumably salvage them above Magyars right here speaking objectively but I love overinvesting in scouts in Feudal and that Magyar bonus in actuality starts to stack. You design you!
  4. Turks. Pierce armour on scouts device it’s likely you’ll maybe be ready to rob some great better fights in feudal against archers which is large records, because mass xbows are a wretchedness to your CA. You might per chance also trail below TCs too. Absorb the flexibility to mix in camels in Fortress Age and the gold bonus is a huge all the plot through eco bonus. Employ it for gold, exercise it for the market, it's all obliging. Faithful UT.
  5. Mongols. Again most would luxuriate in this greater but I've deducted aspects for the fact that Mongol gamers are at all times mad about Mangudai (and Steppies this impress day, thanks TaToH) and you don't in actuality ever spy Mongol HCA, despite the fact that they're above realistic. Plus they don't rep the FU HCA + Hussar combo (and so that they design assorted stuff in lategame anyway). I on the entire hump hasty scouts into archers into CA with Mongols though, it flows very naturally. They are going to luxuriate in to peaceable presumably be above Turks but I'm no longer going reduction and changing it now.
  6. Bulgarians. Low-impress upgrades on the scouts plus Stirrups for presumably the most lethal Hussar within the sport, and so that they peaceable rep FU HCA. Underrated. If truth be told a fun part with Bulgarians is to real hump archers into CA, nobody expects the Bulgarian archers, but that's inappropriate to this checklist so I don't know why you'd level out it.

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21 days ago

Vietnamese: woodless eco upgrades, generic scouts, 20% tankier CA.

> Bulgarians. Cheap upgrades on the scouts plus Stirrups for perchance the most lethal Hussar in the game, and in say that they clean catch FU HCA

Now no longer FU. They own got parthian ways but lack the final archer armor enhance.

21 days ago

Id potentially pass magyars a diminutive bit decrease on the checklist. Otherwise gargantuan checklist.

21 days ago

Huns are definitly better than magyars for that strat

21 days ago

Now no longer placing Huns as #1 is straight legit trolling

21 days ago

The place are the Cumans my man? Cheap manufacturing structures and outlandish tech?

21 days ago

>You is possible to be up to Imp sooner on 1 TC. I wouldnt suggest going 1TC Imp on CA. Very very gross. Huns breath CA. They are CA. They are the factual Scout->CA civ. After that there comes nothing for reasonably a while, after which or no longer it’s Tatars because harassing and tenting hills is de facto sturdy. Magyars must most continuously constantly somewhat jog knights if or no longer it’s no longer against Teutons or the same, because that powerspike is so grand better for them. Magyar CA is insane in slack imp but thoroughly vanilla in… Read more »