Press ENTER and type these cheat codes for Age of Empires 2:

cheat codes age of empires 2

Cheat codes must be typed in the chat prompt – Press Enter Key

marco marco
reveal map
polo polo
remove fog of war
cheese steak jimmy's cheese steak jimmy's
1000 food
robin hood robin hood
1000 gold
rock on rock on
1000 stone
lumberjack lumberjack
1000 wood
how do you turn this on how do you turn this on
spawns a cobra car next to your town center
natural wonders natural wonders
control nature (lose control of men)
resign resign
defeat yourself
black death black death
destroy all the enemies
wimpywimpywimpy wimpywimpywimpy
destroy yourself
furious the monkey boy furious the monkey boy
spawns a monkey that destroys buildings and units with one or two hit
to smithereens to smithereens
spawns a saboteur
i love the monkey head i love the monkey head
spawns a turbo fast monkey
aegis aegis
immediately construct buildings and queue units
torpedox torpedox
kills opponent x
woof woof woof woof
turns birds into super dogs