Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes For DE/HD/AOC


Find All Age of Empires 2 cheat codes in this page. Supporting all versions of AoE2: Definitive Edition, 2013 (aka HD), The Conquerors and Kings.

Press ENTER and type any of the cheat codes you find in this page:

age of empires 2 cheat codes
To enable age of empires 2 cheats “Press Enter Key”

🚘 Cobra Car Code

We know that you’re here for the cobra or blue car cheat 🤣 Now go flatten that AI

cobra cars attacking ai in aoe2

how do you turn this on
spawns a cobra car next to your town center

👓 Remove the black fog and reveal opponents/allies

Toggle the map and mini-map from unexplored dark area to explored fog free. Typing them again reverses and undos the behavior.

reveal map
removes fog of war

🍖 Codes for all 4 resources you need to build your army or empire

Give yourself an amount of the four resources (wood, food, gold, stone)

10 000 of all resources (Only AoE2 DE)
Like ninjaconnor It gives 10 000 of all resources (Only AoE2 DE)
cheese steak jimmy's
1000 food
robin hood
1000 gold
rock on
1000 stone
1000 wood

⚡ Build Military structures and units instantly

Removes cooldown (time) on anything that you build or spawn.

immediately construct buildings and queue units

🦌 Take control of all animals in aoe2 and make them attack players or move them anywhere

Lets you fully control the Gaia animal kingdom (Boars, Deers, Wolves, etc.). In the process you lose control of humanity (you no longer control your civilization).

natural wonders
control nature (lose control of humanty)

💀 Destroy and force any player to taste defeat

Defeat or be defeated in whatever matter that you see fit.

torpedoX Destroys opponent X where X is a single digit from 1 to 8.

The torpedo command requires the player slot position number NOT the player color numbers are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

torpedo cheat code usage
Player positional slots numbered from 1 to 8

In the image above torpedo1 always eliminates you regardless of your Player color 7. And torpedo7 always eliminates Computer 7.

Therefore, I highly recommend you to number each player and computer according to their proper position so when you’re ingame you’ll know exactly which player to eliminate; e.g.

players numbered chronologically and positionally
Player slots numbered chronologically and positionally

Torpedo working Example

torpedo3 defeats Computer 3 (green player)
defeat yourself
black death
eliminate all the enemies
eliminate yourself
i r winner
Win the game instantly

🐒 Spawn the mighty monkey and the god of destruction

Spawn a mortal melee monkey that deals ridiculous amount of damage to structures and units. Be cautious the monkey is a mere mortal after all.

furious the monkey boy
spawns a monkey that destroys buildings and units with one or two hit

🌠Spawning Unusual Units Cheat Codes

Silly and unusual units to mock your friend or have a laughter.

to smithereens
spawns a saboteur
i love the monkey head
spawns a turbo fast monkey
woof woof
turns birds into super dogs
i don't exist
Spawns a Penguin which is a dedication to scripter64 the founder of Userpatch
alpaca simulator
Spawns a Llama (Alfred the Alpaca)
Spawns a Cat riding a Shark shooting lazer beams

💡Useful Cheats

Mute and unmute all game taunts. These commands are enabled in multiplayer and commonly used so no worries they do not count as cheat codes.

Mutes all taunts
Unmutes all taunts

⌚Event Codes

Exclusive cheats for Age of empires 2 definitive edition during game events

photon man
creates a Photon-Man. (“Celebrating the Ages” event)
Going Above and Beyond
Research any technology 256 times, stacking the effects. (“Greatest medieval technologies” event)
Tech Tech One Two Free
All Technologies are free to research (“Greatest medieval technologies” event)
Yes We Khan
Converts all ingame Mangudais into Genghis Khan in the Genghis Khan campaign (“Mongolian Civ” event).
Put on your capes
Converts any infantry ingame into Elite Teutonic Knights (“Teuton civ-Oktoberfest” event)
grab your pitchforks
Villagers turn into Flemish Militia (“Women of History” event)
Camels become Flaming Camels. (“Celebrating the Ages” event)
how do you turn this on
cheat code aoe2

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