Age of Empires 2 Cheat Codes Table Updated 2023!

Find All Age of Empires 2 cheats and codes updated. All versions are supported Definitive Edition, 2013 (aka HD), The Conquerors and Kings.

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Complete Cheat Codes Table (Updated 2023)

(Some cheats do not work on older versions of Age of Empires 2! We added a table to help with that 👍)

Cheat CodesEffectsAge of Empires II HD (2013)Age of Empires II The Conquerors + Kings
aegisInstantly build and research technologies
lumberjack10,000 or 1000 wood
cheese steak jimmy’s10,000 or 1,000 Food
robin hood10,000 or 1,000 gold
rock on10,000 or 1,000 stone
marcoReveal map (toggle on/off)
poloDisable Fog of War
how do you turn this onSpawns a Cobra Car cheat unit
ninjalui100,000 of all resources (each code has same effect)
rowshep100,000 of all resources (each code has same effect)
ninjaconnor100,000 of all resources (each code has same effect)
wimpywimpywimpySelf-Desctruction (Defeat yourself)
natural wondersControl animals instead of men, this cannot be reversed
i r winnerWin campaign
resignLose campaign
to smithereensSpawns a Saboteur unit
black deathDestroy all other players, including allies
i don’t existSpawns a Penguin cheat unit
torpedoSlay select opponent (player color number and order must be same)
torpedo1Slay Opponent 1
torpedo2Slay Opponent 2
torpedo3Slay Opponent 3
torpedo4Slay Opponent 4
torpedo5Slay Opponent 5
torpedo6Slay Opponent 6
torpedo7Slay Opponent 7
torpedo8Slay Opponent 8
alpaca simulatorSpawns an Alfred the Alpaca cheat unit
furious the monkey boyspawns a monkey that destroys buildings and units with one or two hit
grab your pitchforksConverts all of the player's Villagers into Flemish Militia ("Women of History" event).
CameleonChanges Camel units owned by any player into Flaming Camels. ("Celebrating the Ages" event)
my cpu can handle itRaises the population cap for all players to 1,000. ("Jolly Co-operation" event)
sharing is caringResources earned by each player on a team are shared among the entire team. ("Jolly Co-operation" event)
catzorcreates a Sharkatzor unit
!muteMutes all taunt sounds
!nomuteUnmutes all taunt sounds
photon mancreates a Photon-Man. ("Celebrating the Ages" event)
woof woofturns birds into super dogs
Going Above and BeyondResearch any technology 256 times, stacking the effects. ("Greatest medieval technologies" event)
Tech Tech One Two FreeAll Technologies are free to research ("Greatest medieval technologies" event)
Put on your capesConverts any infantry ingame into Elite Teutonic Knights ("Teuton civ-Oktoberfest" event)

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how do you turn this on
Cobra car “how do your turn this on”- cheat code aoe2

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