Auto Installer For Age of Empires II On Wine Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian)

Wine auto installer guide 2021

Installing and Setting up all Age of empires 2 on linux could not be any easier with this guide. Just run a single command line on your terminal and everything will be taken care of. You will only need to confirm a few windows that pop up so the entire process is “easy peasy lemon squeezy”.

In this guide I have used Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and  highly recommend you to proceed with the same version if possible. Nonetheless, you may still pick earlier versions or use auto installer scripts for other distributions such as Mint or Debian.

Auto Installer Script in Picture by Picture

Getting Ready

  1. Open up your Terminal command using CTRL + ALT + T
  2. Paste Your Auto installer Command line and hit ENTER

One Command Line To Install

Choose of these command lines Based On Your Linux Distribution


Ubuntu 20.04 (Default, tested in this tutorial) Ubuntu 20.04 (Default, tested in this tutorial)
Ubuntu 20.10 Ubuntu 20.10
Ubuntu 19.10 Ubuntu 19.10
Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 16.04


Debian 10 Buster Debian 10 Buster


Mint 20 Mint 20
Mint 19.* Mint 19.*
Mint 18.* Mint 18.*

Setting up Age of Empires 2 on Linux

Once you pasted the proper command line onto your terminal > press Enter & let it install for you.

During this process, a few windows will pop up.. Thus the aim of this guide to illustrate what actions you should take from the first time you typed in the command line until the end.

(Click an image to Zoom in)

Congratulations! You’re ready to play now but we still need to apply some fixes..

ALT-TAB/Scroll Fix For Age of Empires 2 Linux

You may have noticed an issue with Age of empires 2 when you alt-tab out and in, the game is endlessly scrolling towards the bottom or top screen. Thanks to SFTtech ! He released a small patch to prevent this issues from happening – Don’t worry! I made it easier for you to install with one liner shell command:

After you run this command, you will notice a new file “Age of Empires II Single” on your desktop. Use it to run and play single player bugs-free. What you should know is that this fix does not apply for multiplayer on Voobly, just single player mode. Meantime you can avoid alt-tabbing in multiplayer or create a thread petition in their Voobly forums to encourage them to merge the scroll fix.

Create AoE2Tools Shortcut

Do not underestimate AoE2Tools! It’s a very powerful set of tools to help you throughout your AoE2 gaming journey. You can run through it multiple game versions (1.0c, 1.4Rc, 1.5, WK, Realms, FE), install offline mods, import hotkeys, view recorded games, reinstall the game, and so on and so forth.

Simply run this command on your terminal to create a shortcut to double click on your desktop


Can I play Age of Empires II: 2013 aka HD With this Wine Installation?

Yes, you can. But first..

  1. Create a Steam shortcut on your desktop
  2. Double click Steam shortcut > Sign into your account > Go to your game library > Select Age of empires II: 2013 & Install(Another download will appear of Steam redistributions. Let it install DO NOT cancel it)
  3. While the game is downloading > Again, Right click Age of empires II: 2013 > Properties > Type in Launch Options:


    Skip intro AoE2 2013 aka HD

  4. Upon Installation Complete > Click Play > Confirm Gecko Installation > Finally Press Play on the game Launcher
    AoE2 2013 Launcher

Can I play Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition With this Wine Installation?

No, you can’t because AoE2 DE is a 64bit game only. So it requires a wine64 bit install prefix which hopefully we would see in a future tutorial.

Uninstall  Age of Empires 2 & Wine Setup

If you wish to uninstall this entire setup it could not be more easier.

Begin by removing wine and clearing its files

Then purge wine and fix any errors:

That’s that! After running the commands above, wine and everything we installed earlier are removed and cleaned from your Linux system.


I hope this tutorial was as detailed and comprehensive as possible. Please feel free to ask questions or post issues and I will respond in the shortest terms.

Happy gaming on Linux ❤️

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3 months ago

Woooooooow!!! This worked out of box on my Ubuntu machine, for the first time I don’t struggle to install aoe2 and voobly and that infinite scroll fix worked too. I want to donate some money to you please send me your email or something.

Thanks a lot!!

3 months ago

Hello thanks for this tutorial. Is there any way of uninstalling and reverting all this process?
Just in case I make a mistake or I want to delete the game.