Age of Empires 2 Civilizations Complete Guide

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is a classic real-time strategy game that offers players the chance to control one of 42 civilizations. The game includes all the civilizations from the base game “Age of Kings” and the various expansions like The Conquerors, The Forgotten, The African Kingdoms, Rise of the Rajas, Lords of the West, Dawn of the Dukes, and Dynasties of India.

Each of the Age of Empires 2 civilizations is unique, featuring one or two unique units and two unique technologies, as well as specific military strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, each civilization has a unique Wonder that can be built in-game, giving players even more options for customization and strategy.

In this guide, we will provide in-depth information about all the Age of Empires 2 civilizations, including their strengths and weaknesses, unique units and technologies, and strategies for using them effectively in the game. We will also explore the new features of the Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition and how it affects the gameplay and the civilizations. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, this article will give you all the information you need to excel with all the Age of Empires 2 civilizations.

Civilization Comparison Table (Age of Empires II)

CivilizationsUnique UnitUnique BonusesTeam BonusUnique Techs
armeniansArmeniansComposite Bowman (Archer), Warrior Priest (Infantry)
  • The cost of Mule Carts is reduced by 25%.
  • Technologies related to Mule Carts are enhanced in effectiveness by 40%.
  • The initial Fortified Church is granted a Relic at no extra charge.
  • Barracks units that are not unique (excluding Men-at-Arms) can be accessed one age sooner.
  • Vessels from the Galley-line and Dromons discharge an extra projectile.
Infantry +2 line of sight• Cilician Fleet (Demolition Ships +20% blast radius; Galley-line and Dromons +1 range)
• Fereters (Infantry (except Spearman-line) +30 HP, Warrior Priests +100% heal speed)
aztecsAztecsJaguar Warrior (infantry)
  • +3 Villager carrying capacity.
  • +11% faster Military units production.
  • +5 Monk HP per Monastery tech.
  • +50 Starting gold.
Relics generate +33% gold• Atlatl (Skirmishers +1 attack, +1 range)
• Garland Wars (+4 infantry attack)
bengalisBengalisRatha (cavalry archer/cavalry)
  • Elephants receive 25% less damage from bonuses and are more resistant to conversion.
  • Town Centers will generate 2 additional villagers when advancing to the next age.
  • Ships will regain 15 health points every minute.
  • Monks will gain +3 armor and +3 in conversion resistance.
Trade units yield 10% food in addition to gold• Paiks (Rathas and elephant units attack 20% faster)
• Mahayana (Villagers and Monks take 10% less population space)
  • Camel Archer (cavalry archer)
  • Genitour (mounted skirmisher)
  • 10% movement speed for villagers.
  • 15% cost reduction for stable units in Castle, 20% reduction in Imperial Age.
  • 10% increased movement speed for ships.
Genitour available in the Archery Range starting in the Castle Age• Kasbah (team castles work 25% faster)
• Maghrebi Camels (Camel units regenerate)
  • Hussite Wagon (siege weapon)
  • Houfnice (bombard cannon)
  • 100 Wood reduction in cost for Blacksmiths and Universities
  • Availability of Chemistry and Hand Cannoneer in Castle Age
  • 25% increased damage dealt by Spearman-line units
  • Villagers benefit from Fervor and Sanctity
  • Technologies from Mining Camp are free.
80% work rate on Markets• Wagenburg Tactics (Gunpowder units move 15% faster)
• Hussite Reforms (Monks and Monastery technologies have their gold cost replaced by food)
BritonsLongbowman (archer)
  • 50% reduction in cost for Town Centers starting in the Castle Age
  • 1 additional range for foot archers (except skirmishers) in Castle and Imperial Age, for a total of 2 extra range
  • 25% increased work speed for Shepherds
Archery Ranges work 20% faster• Yeomen (+1 foot archer range; +2 tower attack)
• Warwolf (Trebuchets do blast damage)
bulgariansBulgariansKonnik (cavalry)
  • Free upgrades for Militia-line units
  • 50% reduction in cost for Town Centers in terms of stone
  • 50% food cost reduction for Blacksmith and Siege Workshop technologies
  • Ability to construct Krepost building
Blacksmiths work 80% faster• Stirrups (Cavalry attack 33% faster)
• Bagains (Militia-line gains +5 armor)
  • Coustillier (cavalry)
  • Flemish Militia (infantry)
  • Economic upgrades available one age earlier with 40% food cost reduction
  • 50% cost reduction for stable technologies
  • Availability of Cavalier upgrade in Castle Age
  • 25% increased attack for Gunpowder units
Relics generate both Gold & Food• Burgundian Vineyards (Farmers slowly generate gold in addition to food)
• Flemish Revolution (Upgrades all existing Villagers to Flemish Militia; create Flemish Militia at Barracks)
burmeseBurmeseArambai (ranged cavalry)
  • Technologies from Lumber Camps are free
  • Infantry units receive +1 attack per age, starting in the Feudal Age
  • Battle Elephants have +1/+1P armor
  • 50% cost reduction for Monastery technologies
Relics visible on the map at the start of the game• Manipur Cavalry (Cavalry +4 attack vs. archers)
• Howdah (Battle Elephants +1/+1P armor)
byzantinesByzantinesCataphract (cavalry)
  • Buildings receive 10% increased HP in the Dark Age, 20% in Feudal, 30% in Castle and 40% in Imperial Age
  • 25% cost reduction for Camel Riders, Skirmishers, Pikemen and Halberdiers
  • 25% faster attack speed for Fire ships
  • 33% cost reduction for advancing to Imperial Age
  • Town Watch and Town Patrol are free.
Monks +100% heal speed• Greek Fire (Fire Ships +1 range; Dromon and Bombard Tower blast radius increased)
• Logistica (Cataphracts cause trample damage)
celtsCeltsWoad Raider (infantry)
  • 15% faster movement speed for Infantry units, starting in the Feudal Age
  • 15% increased work speed for Lumberjacks
  • 25% increased firing speed for Siege weapons
  • Ability to steal sheep and prevent sheep stealing within the line of sight of one Celt unit.
Siege Workshops work 20% faster• Stronghold (Castles and towers fire 33% faster; Castles heal allied infantry in a 7 tile radius)
• Furor Celtica (Siege Workshop units +40% HP)
chineseChineseChu Ko Nu (archer)
  • Starting with +3 villagers, 50 less wood, 200 less food
  • 10% cost reduction for technologies in Feudal Age, 15% in Castle, 20% in Imperial Age
  • Town Centers can support 10 population and have 5 additional line of sight
  • 50% increased hit points for Demolition ships
Farms +10% food• Great Wall (Walls and towers +30% HP)
• Rocketry (Chu Ko Nu +2, scorpions +4 attack)
cumansCumansKipchak (cavalry archer)
  • Ability to construct an additional Town Center in the Feudal Age
  • Siege Workshop and Battering Ram available in Feudal Age and Capped Ram upgrade available in Castle Age
  • 75 wood cost reduction for Archery Ranges and Stables
  • 5% increased speed for Cavalry units each age, starting in the Feudal Age.
Palisade Walls +33% HP• Steppe Husbandry (Light Cavalry, Steppe Lancers and Cavalry Archers trained 100% faster)
• Cuman Mercenaries (team members can create 5 free Elite Kipchaks per Castle)
  • Urumi Swordsman (infantry)
  • Thirisadai (warship)
  • 200 wood bonus when advancing to the next age
  • Fishermen and Blessing Ships can carry 15 more resources
  • 50% cost reduction for Barracks technologies
  • 25% increased attack speed for Skirmishers and Elephant Archers
Docks provide +5 population room• Medical Corps (Elephant units regenerate 30 HP per minute)
• Wootz Steel (Infantry and cavalry attacks ignore armor)
ethiopiansEthiopiansShotel Warrior (infantry)
  • 18% increased firing speed for Archers
  • 100 gold and 100 food bonus when advancing to the next age
  • Free upgrade for Pikemen
Towers and Outposts +3 line of sight• Royal Heirs (Shotel Warriors and Camel units receive -3 damage from mounted units)
• Torsion Engines (increases blast radius of Siege Workshop units)
franksFranksThrowing Axeman (infantry)
  • 25% reduction in cost for Castles
  • 20% increased hit points for Cavalry units, starting in the Feudal Age
  • Technologies from Mills are free
  • 15% increased work speed for Foragers
Knights +2 line of sight• Bearded Axe (+1 Throwing Axemen range)
• Chivalry (Stables work 40% faster)
georgiansGeorgiansMonaspa (Cavalry)
  • Begin with a Mule Cart, accompanied by a reduction of 50 food.
  • Villagers within an 8 tile radius of Fortified Churches benefit from a 10% increase in work rate.
  • When engaging in combat from a higher elevation, units and buildings sustain 15% less damage.
  • Cavalry units heal 5 HP per minute in the Feudal Age, 10 HP in the Castle Age, and 15 HP in the Imperial Age.
Buildings cost 25% fewer resources to repair• Svan Towers (Defensive buildings +2 attack; towers fire arrows that pierce multiple units)
• Aznauri Cavalry (Cavalry units take 15% less population space)
gothsGothsHuskarl (infantry)
  • 20% cost reduction for Infantry units in the Dark Age, 25% in Feudal, 30% in Castle, 35% in Imperial Age
  • +1 attack for Infantry units vs. buildings per age, starting from the Feudal Age
  • Villagers receive +5 attack vs. wild boar and Hunters carry 15 more meat
  • Instant research for the Loom technology
  • 10 additional population in Imperial Age
Barracks work 20% faster• Anarchy (create Huskarls at Barracks)
• Perfusion (Barracks work 100% faster)
  • Chakram Thrower (infantry)
  • Shrivamsha Rider (cavalry)
  • Camel Scout (camel rider)
  • Start with 2 Forage Bushes
  • Can garrison Mills with livestock to produce food
  • Mounted units deal +20% bonus damage Feudal, +30% Castle, +40% Imperial Age
  • Can garrison Docks with Fishing Ships
Camel and elephant units created 25% faster• Kshatriyas (Military units cost -25% food)
• Frontier Guards (Camel Riders and Elephant Archers +4 melee armor)
  • Ghulam (infantry)
  • Imperial Camel Rider (camel rider)
  • 10% cost reduction for Villagers in the Dark Age, 15% in Feudal, 20% in Castle, 25% in Imperial Age.
  • 20% increased attack speed for Camel Riders
  • +1/+1P armor for Gunpowder units
  • Ability to construct Caravanserai in Imperial Age.
Camel and light cavalry units +2 attack vs. buildings• Grand Trunk Road (All gold income 10% faster; trading fee reduced to 10%)
• Shatagni (Hand Cannoneers +2 range)
hunsHunsTarkan (cavalry)No need for houses but start with 100 less wood
10% cost reduction for Cavalry Archers in the Castle Age, 20% in Imperial Age
30% increased accuracy for Trebuchets.
Stables work 20% faster• Marauders (Create Tarkans at stables)
• Atheism (+100 years Relic, Wonder victories; enemy relics generate -50% resources)
  • Kamayuk (infantry)
  • Slinger (archer)
  • No need for houses but start with 100 less wood
  • 10% cost reduction for Cavalry Archers in the Castle Age, 20% in Imperial Age
  • 30% increased accuracy for Trebuchets.
Spearmen and Skirmishers +2 line of sight• Andean Sling (Skirmishers and Slingers no minimum range; Slingers +1 attack)
• Fabric Shields (Kamayuks, Slingers, Eagles +1/+2P armor)
  • Genoese Crossbowman (archer)
  • Condottiero (infantry)
  • 15% cost reduction for advancing to the next age
  • 33% cost reduction for Dock and University technologies
  • 15% cost reduction for Fishing Ships
  • 20% cost reduction for Gunpowder units.
Condottiero available in the Barracks in Imperial Age• Pavise (foot archers and Condottieri +1 armor/+1 pierce armor)
• Silk Road (trade units cost -50%)
japaneseJapaneseSamurai (infantry)
  • Double hit points and +2P armor for Fishing Ships and 5% increased work rate in Dark Age, 10% in Feudal, 15% in Castle, 20% in Imperial Age
  • 50% cost reduction for Mills and Lumber/Mining Camps
  • 33% increased attack speed for Infantry units starting in Feudal Age
Galleys +50% line of sight• Yasama (Towers shoot extra arrows)
• Kataparuto (Trebuchets fire, pack faster)
khmerKhmerBallista Elephant (mounted scorpion)
  • No need for buildings to advance to the next age or unlock other buildings
  • Farmers can drop off food without the need of Mills or Town Centers
  • 10% increased movement speed for Battle Elephants
  • Villagers can garrison inside Houses.
Scorpions +1 range• Tusk Swords (Battle Elephants +3 attack)
• Double Crossbow (Ballista Elephants and Scorpions fire two projectiles)
  • War Wagon (cavalry archer)
  • Turtle Ship (war ship)
  • 3 additional line of sight for Villagers
  • 20% increased work speed for Stone Miners
  • Free upgrades for Towers (Chemistry required for Bombard Tower)
  • Free Archer armor upgrades
  • 20% cost reduction for military units (excluding siege weapons) in terms of wood.
Mangonel-line minimum range reduced• Eupseong (Watch Towers, Guard Towers and Keeps +2 range)
• Shinkichon (Mangonel-line +1 range)
  • Leitis (cavalry)
  • Winged Hussar (cavalry)
  • 150 food bonus at start
  • 10% increased movement speed for Spearman-line and Skirmishers
  • Each garrisoned relic increases the attack of Knights and Leitis by 1 (maximum of +4).
Monasteries work 20% faster• Hill Forts (Town Centers +3 range)
• Tower Shields (Spearman-line and Skirmishers +2P armor)
magyarsMagyarsMagyar Huszar (cavalry)Villagers can kill wolves with one strike
Forging, Iron Casting, and Blast Furnace technologies are free
15% cost reduction for Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, and Hussar units.
Foot archers +2 line of sight• Corvinian Army (Magyar Huszar gold cost is replaced by additional food cost)
• Recurve Bow (Cavalry archers +1 range, +1 attack)
malayMalayKarambit Warrior (infantry)
  • 66% faster advancement to the next age
  • 33% cost reduction and 3 times more food from Fish Traps
  • 30% cost reduction for Battle Elephants in the Castle Age and 40% in the Imperial Age.
Docks +100% line of sight• Thalassocracy (upgrades Docks to Harbors, which fire arrows)
• Forced Levy (Militia-line gold cost is replaced by additional food cost)
maliansMaliansGbeto (infantry)
  • 15% cost reduction for buildings in terms of wood
  • 1 additional P armor for Barracks units per age, starting from the Feudal Age
  • 30% longer lasting Gold Mines.
Universities work 80% faster• Tigui (Town Centers fire arrows when ungarrisoned)
• Farimba (Cavalry +5 attack)
mayansMayansPlumed Archer (archer)
Eagle Warrior (infantry)
Starting with 1 additional villager, but 50 less food
15% longer lasting resources
10% cost reduction for Archers in Feudal Age, 20% in Castle, 30% in Imperial Age.
Walls cost -50%• Hul'che Javelineers (Skirmishers throw a second projectile)
• El Dorado (Eagle Warriors have +40 hit points)
mongolsMongolsMangudai (cavalry archer)
  • 25% increased firing speed for Cavalry Archers.
  • 30% increased hit points for Light Cavalry, Hussars, and Steppe Lancers.
  • 40% increased work speed for Hunters.
Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar +2 line of sight• Nomads (lost houses do not decrease population headroom)
• Drill (Siege Workshop units move 50% faster)
persiansPersiansWar Elephant (cavalry)
  • Starting with 50 bonus wood and food
  • Town Center and Dock have double hit points and 10% increased work rate in Feudal Age, 15% in Castle, 20% in Imperial Age.
Knights +2 attack vs. Archers• Kamandaran (Archer-line gold cost is replaced by additional wood cost)
• Citadels (Castles fire Bullets [+4 attack, +3 vs Rams, +3 vs Infantry], receive -25% bonus damage)
polesPolesObuch (infantry)
Winged Hussar (cavalry)
  • Villagers regenerate 5 HP per minute in Dark Age, 10 in Feudal, 15 in Castle and 20 in Imperial Age
  • Folwark building replaces the Mill • Stone Miners also generate gold in addition to stone.
Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Hussar +1 attack vs. Archers• Szlachta Privileges (Knights cost -60% gold)
• Lechitic Legacy (Light Cavalry deals trample damage)
  • Organ Gun (siege)
  • Caravel (war ship)
  • 20% cost reduction for all units in terms of gold
  • Foragers generate wood in addition to food • 10% increased hit points for ships
  • Ability to build Feitoria in Imperial Age.
Technologies researched 25% faster• Carrack (Ships +1/+1 armor)
• Arquebus (gunpowder units more accurate)
  • Centurion (cavalry), Legionary (infantry)
  • Villagers work 5% faster in gathering, building, and repairing.
  • Galley-line ships and Dromons gain +1/+1 armor.
  • Infantry armor upgrades from the Blacksmith are twice as effective.
  • Scorpions are 60% cheaper in gold and can use Ballistics.
Scorpion-line minimum range reduced• Ballistas (Scorpions fire 33% faster; Galley-line +2 attack)
• Comitatenses (Militia-line, Knight-line, and Centurions train 50% faster and receive a charge attack)
saracensSaracensMameluke (camel rider)
  • 5% cost for market trades
  • 100 wood cost reduction for Markets
  • Double hit points and carry capacity for Transport Ships
  • 25% faster attack speed for Galleys
  • 10 additional hit points for Camel units.
Foot archers +2 attack vs. buildings• Bimaristan (Monks automatically heal multiple nearby units)
• Counterweights (Trebuchets and Mangonel-line +15% attack)
siciliansSiciliansSerjeant (infantry)
  • Starting with 100 bonus stone
  • Castles and Town Centers built 100% faster
  • 33% less bonus damage for land military units (except siege weapons)
  • Farm upgrades provide 100% additional food
  • Donjon building replaces Watch Tower-line
Transport Ships +5 line of sight and cost -50%• First Crusade (Each Town Center (maximum 5) spawns a one-time batch of 5 Serjeants; units more resistant to conversion)
• Hauberk (Knights +1/+2P armor)
slavsSlavsBoyar (cavalry)
  • 10% increased work speed for Farmers
  • Supplies are free
  • 15% cost reduction for Siege Workshop units.
Military buildings provide +5 population room• Detinets (Replaces 40% of Castles' and Towers' stone cost with wood)
• Druzhina (Infantry damage adjacent units)
  • Conquistador (mounted hand cannoneer)
  • Missionary (mounted Monk)
  • 30% increased work speed for Builders
  • Blacksmith upgrades are free
  • Cannon Galleons receive the benefits of Ballistics (increased firing speed and accuracy)
  • 18% increased firing speed for Gunpowder units.
Trade units generate +25% gold• Inquisition (Monks convert faster; Missionaries +1 range)
• Supremacy (Villagers stronger in combat)
  • Keshik (raiding cavalry)
  • Flaming Camel (petard)
  • 50% increased food gathering for villagers from herdable animals
  • New Town Centers spawn 2 Sheep starting in the Castle Age
  • 25% increased damage dealt by units when fighting from higher elevations
  • Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics technologies are free.
Cavalry Archers +2 line of sight• Silk Armor (Light Cavalry, Steppe Lancers and Cavalry Archers receive +1/+1P armor)
• Timurid Siegecraft (Trebuchets +2 range, enables Flaming Camels)
teutonsTeutonsTeutonic Knight (infantry)
  • Monks have 2x healing range
  • Towers can garrison 2x units
  • Murder Holes and Herbal Medicine technologies are free
  • 40% cost reduction for Farms
  • Town Center can garrison 10 units
  • +1 armor for Barracks and Stable units in Castle and Imperial Age, for a total of 2 extra armor
Units resist conversion• Ironclad (siege weapons extra melee armor)
• Crenellations (+3 range Castles
garrisoned infantry fire arrows)
turksTurksJanissary (hand cannoneer)
  • 25% increased hit points for Gunpowder units; 50% cost reduction for researching gunpowder technologies and Chemistry technology is free.
  • 20% increased work speed for Gold Miners.
  • 1 additional P armor for Scout Cavalry, Light Cavalry and Hussar units.
  • Free upgrades for Light Cavalry and Hussar units.
Gunpowder units created 25% faster• Sipahi (Cavalry Archers +20 HP)
• Artillery (+2 range Bombard Towers, Bombard Cannons, Cannon Galleons)
  • Rattan Archer (archer)
  • Imperial Skirmisher (skirmisher)
  • Enemy positions revealed at the start of the game
  • Economic upgrades require no wood
  • 20% increased hit points for units from Archery Ranges
  • Conscription technology is free
Imperial Skirmisher upgrade available in the Imperial Age• Chatras (Battle Elephants +100 HP)
• Paper Money (Lumberjacks slowly generate gold in addition to wood)
  • Berserk (infantry)
  • Longboat (warship)
  • 15% cost reduction for Warships in Feudal Age, 15% in Castle Age and 20% in Imperial Age
  • 20% increased hit points for Infantry units starting in Feudal Age
  • Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart technologies are free.
Docks cost -15%• Chieftains (infantry deal bonus damage to cavalry, generate gold when killing villagers, trade units, and monks)
• Bogsveigar (Archer-line and Longboats +1 attack)

Unique Units and Technologies

Unique Units and Technologies
Every civilization has something unique

Each civilization in Age of Empires 2 has its own unique units and technologies that set it apart from the others, and each of these Age of Empires 2 civilizations give their own distinct playstyle and strategy.

For example, the Byzantine civilization has access to the Cataphract, a heavily-armored cavalry unit with high hitpoints and damage, while the Persian civilization has access to the War Elephant, a powerful unit that deals high damage to buildings and infantry.

The Chinese civilization has access to the Chu Ko Nu, a unique archer unit that fires multiple arrows at once, and the Chinese civilization also has access to the Rocketry technology which allows their Scorpions to fire rockets.

Military Strengths and Weaknesses

In addition to unique units and technologies, each civilization also has its own set of military strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses should be taken into account when choosing a civilization and planning your strategy.

For example, the Teutons civilization has a strong infantry, but weak archers, while the Britons civilization has strong archers, but weak infantry. The Aztecs civilization has strong infantry and strong archers, but no cavalry access. The Celts civilization has strong infantry and siege weapons but weak archers and cavalry.

Understanding a civilization’s military strengths and weaknesses can help you to effectively use that civilization in battle and to counter the strengths and exploit the weaknesses of your opponents’ civilizations.

Where to find Civilization weaknesses and strengths?

Click the "Technology Tree" button
Click the “Technology Tree” button

Gameplay Strategies

Tips for Using Each Civilization Effectively

Byzantines bonuses

Byzantine: The best defensive civilization and high potential at countering all units. You can easily counter cavalry civilizations by spamming cheap camels; counter archery/cavalry archer civilizations by spamming cheap skirmishers and spearman lines. Counter all infantry units including halberdiers with your unique unit Cataphract. This could be by far the best civilization if you plan your strategy and make unit transitions on time.

persians bonuses

Persians: does not only have the best booming potential due to villagers queuing faster from town centers but also the best elephants in the game which you can spam in closed maps like black forest and be unstoppable. Military wise, their knights get +2 free bonus damage against archery units and their unique castle age technology lets them create archers without any gold cost which should buy you time against enemy pikemen or camels.

chinese bonuses

Chinese: Make use of the Chu Ko Nu’s high rate of fire by using them to take down enemy archers, and use their unique technology, Rocketry, to boost the Scorpions’ attack power. Use their unique unit, the Elite Chu Ko Nu, to take down large groups of enemy units.

teutons bonuses


These tips will give you a starting point for using each civilization effectively, but remember that each game is different and you should adapt your strategy accordingly.

Strategies for Different Game Modes and Opponents

The most played and popular mode is “Random Map” referred to as RM. Here are all the modes if you are interested in learning more about them:

Random Maps: The goal is to defeat your opponent at any age until he resigns or is completely eliminated.

Deathmatch: The goal is to eliminate all other players.

Wonder Race: In this game mode, the goal is to be the first player to build a Wonder.

Defend the Wonder: The goal is to protect your Wonder while trying to destroy the opponent’s Wonder.

Tips To Counter any civilization

Against a civilization with strong archers: against a civilization with strong archers, choosing a civilization that has strong anti-archer units, such as the Aztecs, Goths or Celts. Or a surprise/fast attack with Sieges Rams and Skirmishers is the most devastating.

Against a civilization with strong cavalry: against a civilization with strong cavalry, choosing a civilization that has strong anti-cavalry units, such as any camel civilization: Persians or Berbers. Or infantry civilizations with unique bonuses for instance Japanese high attack speed Halberdiers, or cheap Halberdiers from Goths and Byzantines.

Against a civilization with strong infantry: against a civilization with strong infantry, choosing an archery civilization or a civilization with strong anti-infantry units, such as the Byzantine Cataphract or the Celtic Woad Raiders, or technologies that can boost the attack power of your units like Aztecs +4 attack damage from the unique tech “Garland Wars”.

Roles of Civilizations in Team Games

  • The Byzantine civilization gets cheap trash units which makes them a great defensive and rush civ in the early ages.
  • The Persian civilization has the best TC douche cheese and one of the best booming civ thanks to the town center fast work rate allowing villagers to come out much faster.
  • The Chinese civilization is one of the best versatile in the game. You want to go archers? knights? Camels? Infantry? Cho Ku Nu? All these units have full access to upgrades. Always invest in technologies and upgrades because they are cheaper 🙂
  • The Teutons civilization is a farm to win civ. Any strategy that lets you farm heavily just go for it. This civ has one of the best paladin and infantry civ.
  • The Britons civilization is the best archery civ in the game due to two things: the extra range they get in castle and imperial ages + archers come out faster from the archery range. You can also abuse this civ to boom as town centers cost 150 wood and 100 stone only.
  • The Aztecs civilization, being a meso civ you almost always want to open with militias or archers then switch to eagles or siege/monks.
  • The Celts civilization get wood gathering bonus for the lumberjacks, so abusing this bonus to make farms or early rushes is certainly helpful. Drush + Fast Castle is one of their best opener.
  • The Berbers civilization has fast villagers, you can get away without loom and survive drushes much easily. You want to be spamming units from that stable; those are cheap. Their unique units counter cavalry archers and generally archery units.
  • The Khmer civilization has no requirement building to go up to the next age, and khmer farmer trickle farm food as they gather, no drop site need. One of the popular strategies is 19 pop archers (you go feudal age and build double archery range instantly.
  • The Cumans civilization has access to rams and one additional tower center in feudal age. Be aggressive or boom? whatever seems to work.

These are just tips which you can conclude by yourself reading each civ unique bonuses from the table above.

Definitive Edition Changes

Overview of Changes in the Latest Version

The latest version of Age of Empires 2, Definitive Edition, includes a number of changes and improvements to the game, including 4K graphics, new and remastered sound and music, new civilizations, and new game modes. Some of the key changes include:

  • A new civilization, the Lithuanians, was added to the game, featuring unique units such as the Winged Hussar and the Ballista, and unique technologies such as Battle Cry and Winged Hussars.
  • The AI was improved, making the computer-controlled opponents more challenging and adaptive.
  • A new game mode, Historical Battles, was added to the game, allowing players to replay famous battles from history.
  • A new game mode, The Art of War, was added to the game, featuring new challenges and scenarios.
  • The game’s graphics and sound were updated, making the game look and sound better than ever before.

Impact on Gameplay and Civilizations

The changes in the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires 2 have a significant impact on the gameplay, particularly when it comes to the Age of Empires 2 civilizations. The addition of new civilizations, such as the Lithuanians, and game modes, such as Historical Battles, adds more variety and replayability to the game.

The new civilizations have unique units, technologies, and strengths and weaknesses that can change the way the game is played. The improvements to the AI make the game more challenging and engaging, and the new graphics and sound make the game more immersive and enjoyable.

Overall, the changes in the Definitive Edition make Age of Empires 2 a more complete and enjoyable game for players of all skill levels, particularly for those who are interested in exploring the different Age of Empires 2 civilizations.

Best Civilizations for different level of players

Beginner-friendly Civilizations

Britons: Their strong archers and unique technology, Yeomen, make them a good choice for beginners who are still learning the game.

Huns: They don’t need houses , have cheap cavalry archers and stables work 20% faster – make them a good choice for beginners who are still learning the game.

Persians: They start with +100 food and +50 wood, and town centers queue villager faster each age – make them a good choice for beginners who are still learning the game.

Intermediate-level Civilizations

Franks: Their strong infantry and unique technology, Chivalry, make them a good choice for intermediate players who want to focus on a strong ground-based army.

Goths: Their strong infantry and unique technology, Perfusion, make them a good choice for intermediate players who want to focus on a strong ground-based army.

Khmer: Their strong siege and defensive capabilities and unique technology, Imperial Age, make them a good choice for intermediate players who want to focus on strong siege and defensive capabilities.

Advanced-level Civilizations

Vikings: Their strong navy and unique technology, Berserking, make them a good choice for advanced players who want to focus on naval warfare.

Tatars: Their strong cavalry and unique technology, Keshik, make them a good choice for advanced players who want to focus on cavalry-based warfare.

Cumans: Their strong cavalry and unique technology, Steppe Husbandry, make them a good choice for advanced players who want to focus on cavalry-based warfare.


In this article, we have discussed various aspects of Age of Empires 2 civilizations including the number of civilizations in the game, unique units and technologies, military strengths and weaknesses, gameplay strategies, and changes in the Definitive Edition. We also discussed the best civilizations for different level of players, and tips for using each civilization effectively.


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.
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