Archer Counters and Strengths - Age Of Empires 2

Archer Counters and Strengths

Archer Counter Stats

Archer Counters
List of all units who counter the Archer Line. Use our statistics and learn how to counter Archer in Age of Empires 2 and win more games!
2 Tips for countering the Archer Line

Good Counter Bad Counter Archer has 15 counter units.

Archer is strong against 20 units.

Counter Rating Counter rating is an expression of how strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.

2 Tips to Counter Archer Line

Mangonels are a nightmare for archers. Use the mangonel attack ground to anticipate where archers are walking to so you land a good shot.

One of the best way to beat archers in the imperial age is to use upgraded rams to push into military buildings to cut down their production.

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