Age of Empires 2 Chat Commands

You will learn how to use Age of Empires 2 chat commands to improve your in-game communication and have fun.

All Age of Empires 2 chat commands you need

Before you send a message, type *; or # followed by your message to send a message to any all, allies, or enemies. Here are some examples:

Send a message to all chat (enemies + allies)
*Hi to all!
Send a message to your team mates only.
;Hi team mates!
Send a message to the enemy team only.
#Hi Enemy team!

You can alternatively alter the chat box to send messages by default to a particular group of players (all, allies, enemies or custom player(s)). To achieve that click ALT + T that should bring up the chat window

age of empires 2 chat window
Choose players to chat with by default

Common Questions the Chat Commands

Can I send taunts to humans and AI?
Yes, you can send taunts to any player or AI.

Will AI listen to the commands I send them?
Yes, only your allied AI that can listen and execute what you order to do. However, do not expect them to be 100% obedient. For example if they fall short of resources, they can not send them until they have enough.

Can I disable communication with a specific player in the chat?
Yes, simply uncheck the player’s name from the chat Window (ALT + T)


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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