Little QOL capabilities you need to wish to put a query to

Abet it positive, abet it dinky (nothing drastic, correct quality of existence things).

  • Introduce a 'characteristic obtain impress self' hotkey. In train for you to produce up a pressure of devices nonetheless don't desire them on the blueprint (mediate saving 2-4 mangoes towards organs, mass pikes, etc.), or no longer it is a must-safe to spend every manufacturing building and manually characteristic the obtain impress the building. There must serene be a button to attain this robotically: you purchase all of your manufacturing structures, you hit the button, and then the devices high-tail inner their structures.
  • A rename of the Conflict Galley beef up to greater emphasize that it upgrades demos and fires as successfully. Something generic like 'warship' or 'frigate' or 'naval armament', idk one thing.
  • Label of Fatih diminished. It's crude for what it does. Sicilians gather it for -450F, -400G in Fortress Age (on no story mind your complete serjeants!) and it's elegant. No motive within the again of it to impress 1750 res in Imp.
  • Compare time of Guilds diminished. It's loopy that it takes 60 seconds. Imagine you spend 500 res hoping for long-time length savings and any person craters the market within the length in-between. Catastrophe. Guilds must serene engage 30s to research.
  • Vietnamese workforce bonus and imp skirm bonus switched. Burmese gather relic placement, which functions in an analogous style although no longer exactly the same, for free; Vietnamese must serene as successfully. Now not every civ needs imp skirm. Buff it a minute bit of if important to face up for the fact that no longer every person will get it.

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