Offer Mid/Low Elo coaching?

Hi there Guys i am coschdie a 18xx ELO RM 1v1 Player (peaking at 19xx). https://aoe2.rep/#aoe2de-profile-1305516

I know how delicate this sport is, and heaps of are attempting to provide a enhance to but don't know suggestions to enact so successfully. I are attempting to part my advice and journey as a participant who began out as a total noob in 2020 and conducted my ability up.

I would are attempting to coach gamers ranging from 800-1600 ELO as i issue this is the fluctuate I could perchance presumably lend a hand the most. As I am a College pupil, my budget are for advantageous moderately tough, that's why I defend in thoughts charging around 15-20 Euros/Dollars per Hour coaching. In case you imagine this is simply too grand or can't give you the money for it, i am sure we are in a position to figure one thing out together 😉

Let me know if anybody of you will most certainly be even quite of attracted to taking some coaching classes. If this is the case I would arrange a discord and rep this thing rolling 🙂

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