Could not initialize graphics system Age of Empires 2 [Fix]

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GregStein7 June 2019Last Update : 9 months ago
Could not initialize graphics system Age of Empires 2 [Fix]

To fix could not initialize graphics system.. directdraw for Age of Empires 2 we will need a tool called AoE2 Graphics Fix.

Feel free to checkout my tutorial on Youtube:

Step 1: Download & Run AoE2 Graphics Fix

Go to the AoE2 Graphics Fix and download the tool.

Extract it to your desktop and run AoE2 Graphics Fix.exe (if the tool can not run please install .NET Framework 4.5)

aoe2 graphics fix insert your game path

Step 2: Apply The Fix Through AoE2 Graphics Fix Tool

Find the location of your game and copy the path

copy age of empires 2 path

Then paste it into Game Path field

aoe2 graphics fix - Age Of Notes

Finally click “Download & Apply Fix Now!“. Wait until the download and fix is applied. Then run age of empires 2 and see if the problem of “Could not initialize graphics system”.

Method 2 to Fix
If it’s not fixed go ahead and check “Install UserPatch”. A new windows will come up so just click update button and you’re done. Problem solved!

Does Multiplayer exit for Age of Empires 2?

Yes! Here are some links and videos that will help you play multiplayer with Age of empires 2:

i am known as "GregStein" and a huge fan of Age of Empires 2. My current Voobly Rate is 18++; Steam ELO 22++. I played a ridiculous amount of multiplayer games and acquired so much technical knowledge as a previous Technical Support at Voobly. I am also in the Masters' tier in Starcraft 2.

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8 months ago

Oooooh my god! you are life saver!!! After days of googling I find your blog and It fixed for me two problems the display error and red green colors too I love you so much so this I subbed to your youtube channel. Great day Sir

1 year ago

i have the same problem for MSAoE.exe that is age of empires 1 trial version. please tell solution for same

1 year ago

Thank youuuuuu so much you saved me i almost formatted my computer cuz of this annoying bug. THANKS

2 years ago

it doesn’t work :'(

tim wulff
2 years ago

problem with directdraw a initialization

tim wulff
2 years ago

will this work for Age of Empires I?

2 years ago

Thank youuuuuuuu sooooo much dear Sir Greg! This fixed for me.