Could not initialize graphics system Age of Empires 2 [Fix]

could not initialize graphics system DirectDraw fix for Age of Empires 2

To fix could not initialize graphics system.. directdraw for Age of Empires 2 we will need a tool called AoE2Tools.

Step 1: Download & Run AoE2Tools

(skip this step if you already use AoE2Tools)

Go to the official download page of AoE2Tools or Softpedia download page  to download the latest version.

Once it’s installed, Run a scan

aoe2tools run scan

Then after a few seconds, the button “2. Start” should be enabled for you to click it.

'2. Start' Not Enabled ?
Press Windows button + R then type in: %appdata%\AoE2Tools. A folder will show up, find “AoE2Tools.exe” then right click it > Run as administrator. At the bottom of the window, click aoe2tools settings then add the location of your game into “AoE2 Path” aoe2tools change aoe2 path


Step 2: Apply The Fix Through AoE2Tools

You can ignore any errors you see on AoE2Tools for now. All we need is to access the menu on the top left hand side of AoE2Tools

Right click AoE2Tools Shield > Voobly Medkit

aoe2tools right click menu

Select “Fix Couldn’t Display Or DirectDraw Display Error” then hit apply button

Fix Couldn't Display Or DirectDraw Display Error

Finally, Press “Download Now”.

download fix directdraw error

Congratulations! Problem solved.

Still not solved? Get down to the comment section, I quickly read and respond to questions and queries.

Here are some links and videos that may help you:

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Thank youuuuuuuu sooooo much dear Sir Greg! This fixed for me.

tim wulff
tim wulff

will this work for Age of Empires I?

tim wulff
tim wulff

problem with directdraw a initialization


it doesn’t work :'(