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    Hi, I’m a new player of age of empires 2 and I’ve played Vs AI for a month or two and I’ve started playing online recently.

    And I started losing a lot so I started using online build orders for certain civs.

    And what I seem to notice is even as I follow the exact build order and have no idle tc time I ALWAYS seem to be behind my enemy.

    Not only are they ahead, they have enough resources to make some military and rush me in feudal age.

    I have zero tc idle time and I still can’t catch up every time AND don’t have enough recourses to make any military.

    I’m struggling the most in 1v1s especially.

    so I’m looking for some guidance and help from experienced players.

    Edit: I’ve been mostly playing berbers and franks because I really like cavalry units for their high mobility and [this]( is the one I use for the franks.

    I try to follow it but I get rushed before I can even finish the entire build order.

    I am new to PvP so everything seem really hard for me.

    Edit 2: thanks to some of you guys and my friends help I showed my friends a Rec of my game and from what I’ve learned, I’ll try to make less minor mistakes since my friend notice I make many minor mistakes that isn’t any big deal but they’ll add up and have a snowball effect.

    I’ll also not follow builds that is for people with more experience than someone that’s brand new to pvp and try many things until something works for me in my elo


    Watching recs of my own games changed my view on my gameplay also in direct comparison the the opponent (capturage for watching recommended), maybe you want to give it a try


    watch your own game after to find what you could do better.

    also, if you just want to play for fun, play until you get a comfortable rank and you will get good matchups.

    if you want to improve and play competitive – watch thousands of yt videos and read stuff and learn and learn and learn.


    If you have 0 TC idle time (how do you know that for a fact btw?), then the only other possibility is that you are not applying the build order correctly.

    Especially if you started playing online recently, I assume you are in ~900 elo range, people in that elo rush you no sooner than 23-24 pop Feudal, so I find it very surprising that you feel like you are behind.

    Even a simple 21 pop Scouts will carry you until 1200 elo at least if you do it perfectly with minimal TC idle time and with vills on the right resources.

    Easiest way to learn is watch a Hera/Viper tutorial of how to do openings, your macro until early Feudal should be PERFECT.

    Eventually you want to be placing farms as soon as you have 60w, placing the right buildings in the right order (e.g.

    for Straight Archers strat, the order for buildings is: Archery Range, Gold Mine (these come down together rly), and then as soon as you have Wood, it’s Blacksmith and then 2nd Lumber Camp or the reverse, depending also on how the game is going (if opponent also has Archers or you sense than you can deal big damage, you prioritize Blacksmith, else the 2nd Lumber Camp).

    This is stuff than you should be starting to optimize in 1300 elo.

    1300+ elo, you wanna start reasoning on Castle Age building priority: for example, if you drop Siege Shop, it doesn’t make sense to also add 2 TCs right away, if you drop Monastery, you generally wanna also use Monks for conversions and not only to collect Relics (collecting Relics is fine, just not something you should focus on at the BEGINNING of Castle Age).

    1500+ elo you should start focusing on micro and army compositions a bit.

    1700+ elo you should focus on optimizing civ matchups, leveraging civ advantage and late game.

    So for now, focus on getting Build Orders straight and sending vills to right resources.


    Just keep losing, your elo will drop and eventually you start winning 50% of games.

    If you are following the build order by the letter it might be some other issue.

    Are you using your civ bonuses?

    Enemy might be using their bonuses more efficiently and your civ might have better late game bonuses?

    Did you find all your sheep?

    Did you lure boar?

    Is your lumbercamp placement optimal?

    Are your villagers idling?


    Post some recs or link your profile from

    Without more info it’s hard to give advice on what you could do better.

    Although if you say you have 0 idle TC time, you’re already on the right path.


    What build orders have you been following?

    Scout rush?

    Fast Castle?


    What build orders are we talking about?

    In open maps, you generally want to start fighting in feudal.

    A fast castle build order isn’t going to cut it.


    The Build Order (BO) you are using is very slow.

    Maybe try some 20/21 pop scouts build so you can defend yourself better in feudal age.

    Naked fast castle as in your BO is not the best idea most of the times (on Arabia at least)


    You don’t have 0 idle time.

    Everybody thinks they do until they check recs.


    I bounce around 1k elo with 500+ games and I watch recs with capture age from nearly all my games.

    Almost every single game I have less idle tc time than my opponent, and I have literally had 1 game with 0 seconds idle time in dark age.

    I’ve never seen any opponent have 0 either, so I HIGHLY doubt you’ve got zero as a newer player losing your way down the ladder.

    That’s not meant as an insult, it’s just reality.

    All that being said, my suggestion is feudal aggression.

    I much prefer a scout rush due to the fact that you start with one, they train faster than archers and move faster.

    If you keep them moving around your opponent’s base looking for villagers to kill you are also doing yourself a huge favor by gaining scouting intel.


    Since no one else has commented on the build order you posted: That’s what’s called a “fast castle” build order.

    If you’re playing on an open map, most players are going up to feudal 6 or 7 vils before you and making military before you’ve even clicked.

    You are likely having trouble against that because your build order assumes no pressure from the opponent.

    Because the goal of that is to click to castle age as quickly as possible, you are using all of your resources to get that age up while your opponent is making military.

    If you don’t get pressured in feudal age, that can be good, but rarely will you avoid pressure on an open map before you get to castle age.

    Since you like playing cavalry, the website with the build order you posted has one called “scout rush”.

    If you follow that and get used to it, you shouldn’t have trouble keeping up with your opponent early game.


    It sounds like what I’ve been feeling, I might challenge that “I follow the exact build and have no idle TC time and am behind the enemy.”

    Download capture age and rewatch.

    Was it really 0 idle TC?

    Which upgrades did you get?

    I idle bad on my boar lure, and when I’m trying to pick off villagers and not lose my archers to the TC or scouts to pikes.

    You can tell a perfect rush by the time at which you hit the enemy, and comparing that “perfect” to when you arrive can sometimes just be a few seconds here or there.

    You’re doing freaking awesome.

    I played a ton as a kid and am now just over 300 hours in DE.

    I’m just getting to 50/50 against the hardest AI


    Oh yeah, and hit me up if you want to practice /play!


    The build order you linked is a little weird.

    For one, it’s a fast castle build order.

    The entire point in such a build is to skip feudal age almost entirely, which necessitates going up to feudal age later than a rush build and not making feudal age military to have resources to afford castle age.

    The entire reason why such builds don’t work on more open maps is because they lose to feudal aggression.

    I also may be missing something, but I don’t see that build ever tell you to get your second boar, which needless to say is going to be a pretty sizable chunk of food missing and make everything else you’re doing a bit more awkward.

    I’d try to refocus towards a more aggressive feudal build, probably a 20 or 21 pop scouts build for the civs you’ve said you like.

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