Micro Training for Archers

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    What are some ways to practice and improve my archer micro skills?

    Are there any pre-made scenarios that can assist with this training?

    Are there any other suggestions for effective training scenarios?


    MicroMania and
    Surivavilst Infinite Micro
    are two custom scenarios designed to practice micro with a friend.

    You can find them via ingame mod browser.


    I think Viper, survivalist and hera have great tutorials in that aspect.

    Once you know the tricks and tips it’s best to try this against a friend or another human player.

    I think there is a micro wars scenario on the workshop which is quit fun and has some archer micro in it but that doesn’t work against the AI.

    In general practicing micro against the AI is not recommended as it behaves weird often time


    Thanks for the answers!

    I tested Micromania and Surivavilst Infinite Micro and they seem to be really good if you have someone to play with.

    If not, I found “25 micro battles – early castle age” by aoezigge seems to be OK against AI ofc better with real opponent.


    Control groups must be perfected as not every archery range unit is best grouped.

    You may cause those with shorter range to die a horrible death if say, you combine xbow with elite janissary etc lol due to diff in range.

    The janissary hits from farther and the Xbows walk into range and DIE.

    Avoid it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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