Making Longswords Relevant in Today’s Metagame

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    meta as-is?

    more like metastasis, amirite?


    On the topic of infantry, I think spearmen have been shafted (pun intended) as being a counter-only unit in aoe2.

    Spears/polearms (with or without shields) are objectively the strongest weapon/strategy available in battlefield combat, especially in mass, and close range.

    Spearman should have a range of 1 as that would make sense, steppe lancers have spears and have. 1 range, so that speaks for itself.

    They should also not just be a counter to cavalry.

    If they had normal damage they would/should be effective Vs infantry too.

    Plus the highest form should get a shield which makes them have good armour/pierce armour.

    The fact that spearman aren’t even that good Vs knights is honestly a joke


    Nah, totally OP.

    If a unit like that existed then there’d be almost no reason to create anything else, heck even civs like Vikings, with powerful and thematic unique units, would just spam this new unit you’ve come up with every game.

    Imagine if the devs had allowed a unit with the stats you’ve described by default to be created from the archery range and you can see how ridiculous it gets.

    /sarc hopefully obviously


    Maybe add an unique tech to one of the civs adding bonus damage vs.

    buildings…we’ll call it “Obsidian Swords”…as a throwback to their past life as building destroyers and you’ve solved longswords.


    I’m commenting on my own post to express disappointment that people are making valid, logical arguments to disagree with my post that blatantly suggests men at arms should be upgraded to crossbow.

    This was not a thread intended for constructive discourse and yet here we are.

    Y’all’re a bunch of tryhards that need to go back to Voobly


    >* Range **increased** from 0 ▶ 5 ?

    You had me in the first half I’m not gonna lie


    Or even better, give them a horse.


    Make archers do melee damage and be affected by infantry attack upgrades while you’re at it.

    Oh, and their range is reduced to zero.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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