Is Slav Now Exciting, Correct?

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    Slavs have received significant buffs with the latest PUP update.

    They now get Supplies and Gambeson tech for free, which allows for a Longswordman, Siege, and Monk play in the mid-game on open maps.

    In addition, Boyars are cheaper in gold cost, making them a viable substitute for Paladins in team games or 1v1s.

    Furthermore, the Druzhina tech is 300 food cheaper, making Slavs more appealing to play.

    These changes have created a new trend in Slavs gameplay, where players can focus on using Longswordmen supported by siege and monks to counter enemy knights and crossbowmen.

    What do you think of Slavs’ new buff?

    Let’s discuss and share our thoughts.

    Thank you.


    Yes the voice lines get me going!

    LOL Slavs are my Fav CIV, and after this update I will grow ~100 ELO np

    Fighting the Slavs you will have to build a counter early.

    The difficulties I have with Slavs are all being addressed.

    Boyar cost is huge and after giving me Gambeson for free I will be at your TC with Arson Infantry immediately after getting castle.


    I’m so glad you feel this way.

    I couldn’t believe the thread a while back where everyone was jumping on the Slavs as the most boring civ in the game (when Persians exist!).

    All of these changes make the fun things they had easier to get to.

    Detinets Boyar play is so lethal and what a way to get there now.

    Can open through the infantry line, backed by their strong farms/food while booming and staying alive on longsword/pike/siege.

    Then slowly take map control with your cheap wood castes while ultimately booming into some lethal combo of Boyars/Siege/Druzhina.

    What on earth is boring about that!

    I think these changes are going to bring Slavs into the competitive scene as a civ like Burgundians/Cumans where the eco can be so strong you can’t let them boom into their lethal endgame, but they can also wreck you with creative early rushes.

    Tatoh/Vinch/Viper, maybe even Hera if he chooses to lean into a build like that.

    Would love to see one of these guys get creative with something.




    I’ve generally always liked Slavs, especially in team games – Druzina infantry can be really nasty.

    I think these changes will make them a bit more fun to use in 1v1, especially 1v1 on open maps.

    Really looking forward to it!


    All I’ve ever wanted out of this civ is Bracer.

    Nothing else.

    This civ stinks vs.

    CA + Hussar in imperial age which is what we try to prevent as Slavs.

    Mongols, Huns, Turks, Berbers, Tatars, etc.

    still literally run circles around their ‘push down the middle’ playstyle.

    My issue is they’ve been a real victim to powercreep.

    For example, the Poles folwark being objectively a better bonus.

    They’re kind of a generic jack of all trades civilization, but they don’t entice players like other civs do.

    If you want big eco and a wide tech tree, pick Chinese.

    You want better farmers?

    Khmer, Aztecs, Poles, and even Vikings in midgame are better.


    Goths, Teutons, etc.

    have better bonuses that scale earlier.

    Want to mix in ranged units with infantry?

    Japanese, Britons, Vikings or any archer civ with full Champion has the excuse to go Arbalester + Champion.

    I got them in random civ against Britons and was like ‘Well, my civ blows.

    Better go all in!’ I won with a one TC push with Xbow + Knight + siege.

    To be fair, double gold unit can win any game, but it’s not because Slavs are anything special.


    Can someone explain this update to me?

    I play on console and haven’t seen this update yet.

    Is it only for PC right now?


    Since I’m out of the loop, what is gambeson tech?



    They always had free supplies, the only change that is unique to Slavs is that they just get gambison for free (I assume in Castle Age).

    An upgrade that will be rather common and is just +1 pierce armor.

    Far cry from something like Malian pierce armor bonus.

    Still nothing that would make me pick Slav specifically that I can’t do with numerous other civs, if I’m not going random for some reason.

    Also I must make a clarification: Boring does not mean weak.

    It’s not a synonym for underpowered.


    So they are the same, just slightly better to open with M@A


    They will be complete with SL!


    Anyone who has thought Slavs are boring isn’t researching Detinets enough.


    It does make them stronger.

    Before this buff I was hoping they would have access to two handed swordsman in castle age, to bring something unique to them.

    Now I wonder if it would be too much


    I think it’s great.

    If you want to play something else than infantry in castle age, the transition to Druzhina champions in imperial age is now cheaper and much faster which is quite important.


    Well, it makes them stronger, but they still are boring

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