Is it Usual to Reach 400 Elo After 120 Games?

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    Still waiting on my first industrial age, you’re way ahead of the curve


    Learning a few hotkeys will help you aloy


    Most people drop for the first bunch of games.

    But a lot depends on how you started.

    Did you play any campaigns or lobby matches or just jumped straight into multiplayer?

    Play the art of war tutorials until you are *consistently* gold medal.

    And find the Cicero interactive build order mod for practice.

    This helps show you your idle time and gives you a grade.

    When you are *consistently* top grade, then you can look at the bigger picture.

    Anything below 1k elo has serious issues in these basics to start with.

    It’ll give you a platform to know roughly what to do (how many vills on each resource) to achieve what production.

    I can guarantee you have a ton of floating resources (unspent gold or wood or food) and that you go to some resources waaaay too early.

    These build orders help give you a ‘perfect’ time to aim for and so feedback on how close you are to achieving that.

    As well as a purpose for what you’re doing.

    Eg I’ve seen so many low elos go to gold and stone in the dark age and they have no need to (eg not a tower or castle build).

    When we first start we just want to do everything haha 🙂


    Your feudal and castle times really depend on the map you play.

    On Arabia you wouldn’t wanna go feudal that slow xD and on Arena your feudal time would be alright, even slower would be fine.

    Watch videos by the Survivalist, and challenge yourself against the Hard AI and even Extreme eventually, see your BO, learn to make strategic decisions in terms of what troops to make, and when to boom.

    In a way it is like chess, know what your opponent is trying to and “help your pieces so that they can help you” like the great Paul Morphy once said.

    So just it’s about making the most of your starts and all that as well.

    Hope it helps you can ask me for more help anytime


    Nothing wrong as long as you have fun


    I am not sure how you are 400 elo if you can get to the industrial age.

    How are knights able to be your tanks and planes?

    This might be a micro issue.


    You should watch the replays of your past games (especially using a tool like CaptureAge).

    It’s amazing how many things you’ll see on playback that were not obvious to you in the moment.


    You’ve gotten lots of good advice here.

    I’m nobody special, but I’ve been playing this game a looong time and I’d happily coach you through some things.

    Feel free to pm me


    Watch heaps of YouTube


    I think you are missing on booming.

    Booming is creating villagers from 3 town centers.

    Try making 2 town centers as soon as you reach castle age and start creating villagers from all 3 (use hotkeys for making this easier), then make whatever you like with the resources you get but make sure you expend them all making enough production buildings, for example 4 archery ranges or 3 stables, etc.


    Age of Empires is a very difficult game, and your current rating is pretty normal – when I first started I sucked a lot – try looking up beginner guides.

    Spirit of the Law and Hera have good stuff, and T90 has a while series of games between low elo players where you can learn a lot about some things you can fix

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