Impact of New Gambeson Technology on Infantry Unique Units

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    All in all I would say it’s just Jaguars and Samurais who need a buff (even tho the +1 attack on Woads to make them better raiders sounds good to me).

    Jaguars getting HP is fine, but I would prioritize their speed.

    They don’t need to be as fast as Eagles but a bit of extra speed for being able to play both together less awkwardly would be great.

    Also the concept of a fast, prowling Jaguar Warrior is so cool and just make sense, right?

    For Samurais is so weird, really.

    The bonus damage against UU makes them have a very unusual counter system tbh.

    Given their heavy (and super cool) armor, I would begin by making them tankier in general.

    But that wouldn’t fix the fact that they are essentially an infantry unit good vs.

    other infantry, that unique cavalry units can escape from and archers of any kind will kill them anyways.

    Essentially the same as Jaguars but you can’t fight them with stuff like Keshiks.

    Unless they do something wild like giving them a special charged bow attack, I don’t know what can be done to make them feel actually unique

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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