How To Extract Age of Empires 2 Definitive Sounds

extract sound files aoe2de bnk

Wondering where to find age of empires 2 definitive sounds and extract them? You came to the right place. I will teach you step by step where to find the sound pack and extract its .wem files then convert those .wem to .ogg a playable sound version.

Step 1: Locating Sounds Pack SFX.bnk

Run Steam and go to your game library > Select Age of empires 2 Definitive Edition in the left hand side menu

AOE2DE Steam Properties

Go to Local Files Tab > Click Browse Local Files

Browse AOE2DE Installation Path

An explorer window will pop displaying the installation path of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition. Now Enter \wwise\ directory

aoe2de wwise folder

Inside \wwise\ you will find a file named “SFX.bnk” this file contains all game sounds

aoe2de sounds sfx.bnk

Keep that window open and move on to Step 2

Step 2: Download BNK Tools

Before we get started please create a folder in your desktop and name it “SFX Sounds
Create a folder sfx sounds

I compiled all the small tools and 2 batch scripts into a zip file. You can download it from here: BNK

Once downloaded, extract the contents of the BNK into the new folder you created earlier in your desktop.

sfx tools contents

Step 3: Extracting .wem files and converting them

Bring up that window I asked you to keep open in step 1 then copy “SFX.bnk” into \SFX Sounds\ directory. it should look like

copying sfx.bnk file

As you can see, there are 2 .bat files:

Obviously we need to click “1- Extract SFX.bat” so it extracts all *.wem sound files (total of 4145) from SFX.bnk and here you go

wem files aoe2de

Of course *.wem files are not a playable format which is why we should convert them to a playable format such as *.ogg. To achieve that just click the other bat file “2- Convert Wem To ogg.bat” and all *.wem files will be converted

Convert *.wem files to ogg playable sound files for age of empires 2 definitive edition

If you would like to move all ogg and wem files into a seperate folders. I created additional bat script files that could do that for you:

Just extract them in the same folder we are working on and click both “3- Classify ogg.bat” & “4- Classify wem.bat“.

Final results (All ogg and wem files moved to separate folder)

ogg wem files organized

How To Play *.ogg sounds?

Download & install a free software Audacity and drag&drop your *.ogg inside Audacity UI then hit the play button.

How to convert *.wav or *.ogg or *.mp3 To *.wem?

You will need a software Audiokinetic Wwise Just import any audio file into your project then export them from the top menu.

Are you creating a mod to customize the sounds? You must place your *.wem files into “\resources\_common\sounds” which is basically the same structure as Age of Empires 2 HD.

And that wraps up this tutorial. I hope you guys enjoyed this guide and let me know if you have any questions.

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1 month ago

This message apper to all files..

Input: 0105.wem
Parse error: expected 0x42 fmt if vorb missing

can be fixed??