Why TC shoot deer when villager garison?

I utilize TC to pass villager to feed on pushed deer, but incessantly, the TC fireplace arrow and shoot the deer slow. Can someone support me with the mechanic?

Within the open, I though it's because villager is dwelling aggresive in direction of deer. Typically, I clicked the deer first with villager chosen but deer is now not in fluctuate so I garison the villager might perchance presumably well additionally simply trigger TC to fireplace arrow.

Or might perchance presumably well because I misclicked the scout to attack the deer and TC support me with it?

Or I utilize TC to click on on deer sooner than I utilize sizzling key to change to dwelling ungarison point.

But this time I swar the total lot is similar outdated, when I garison the villager, and not using a need time to pass my mouse, the TC fired arrows. Is this ravishing random?

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20 days ago

fyi, I already tried to put a query to chatGPT. >In Age of Empires II: Definitive Version, the City Center (TC) will shoot at any enemy objects that come interior its fluctuate, along with Deer. If a Deer wanders into the fluctuate of a City Center that has a Villager garrisoned interior it, the City Center will attack the Deer. Here’s on memoir of the City Center is programmed to protect itself and the Villager interior it from any threats. The Villager is now not going to attack the Deer, as they manufacture now not seem to maintain the flexibility… Read more »

20 days ago

You deserve to location a bag point on the deer from the TC, now not appropriate click on it.

Actual click on – fire arrows.

Garrison and eject – villagers come out and abolish (and bask in) deer.

20 days ago

Its tricky. As others stated you are going to need got to make impart of the hotkey for ungarrison, however when you happen to appropriate clicked it once sooner than with appropriate click on even with out a villagers interior, the tc will shoot it however and abolish it so perceive out for that.