When folks mutter a factual thing to enact in this game, to place villagers spawning, is that this a metaphor now to not be taken literally? (Campaign/skirmish – no longer MP)

Please clutch into yarn, im a entire noob at this game and here’s a obedient quiz of curiosity that by no manner made sense to me.

Ever since playing this game manner relieve when it came out, even heard it relieve then too, however especially now im going in it again. Critically this expression i enlighten ive heard it, in each attach however i by no manner understood it, i continuously took it as, dont trusty sit down on 5 villagers on every handy resource, love that i enact understand, however i even saw this advice the different day given to somebody, by asserting i constructed 150 villagers (with a 200 pop). Love…. wtf? a military of 50 max? am i missing something, is that this seriously the manner the games performed, your having an economy of sources you couldnt burn thru in a year prolonged game, however your making assaults with what 20 paladins?

What is the exact restrict you guys push to? i in general, in my campaign games, procure my villagers NO MORE than 15-18 on a handy resource to raise me thru to imperial and most review finished, even then, exclusively motive ill build 18 villagers on one gold pile, is to burn it thru sooner than i procure caught at that station by the AI.

Is this purely a multiplayer tip. Motive even then, when my economy is boomed, and im piquant to open conquering, i open deleting villagers all the manner down to in actuality having love 5 on every handy resource + all that ive gathered already in stock, so im feilding smartly-behaved unbeatable armies that can trample thru a couple of enemy cities in one horde love bustle (aswell as conserving a defending army across any bases ive made to defend) and enough sources gathered up to now, to invent this army 5 occasions over. Even then i dont know how anyone can build any roughly offense up with literally 50 pop in a 200 pop game? are they literally trusty spawn pointing items into the enemy bases? ive seen this advice nearly endless occasions, yet when its given, theres no backup clarification as to what the manner is, are they furthermore deleting these draw of villagers when its time to rock n roll? They by no manner mention that segment in the event that they enact…

Any individual please point to. Sorry for noob quiz and thanks for any acknowledge

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21 days ago

Works on advertising campaign too. 150 is simply too grand ‘known as an overboom’ however the Trick is you will need more resources sooner, so over is silent better than under on tale of you perchance can delete 30 of em if you happen to hit your last gigantic tech. Same old is 120 (60%) vills for archer comps and 130-140 (65-70%) for heavier comps esteem paladin, If I’m now not unsuitable. There is assorted sorts of advertising campaign maps too. Some are an true slog, so you perchance can get away with 80 vills on tale of you may… Read more »

21 days ago

I’m no skilled myself, but in loads of the multi-participant games I’ve considered, you usually have not got mountainous armies unless or now not it’s a long drawn out game. The multi-participant scene appears to be like to be more aggressive and prioritizes sending only a couple of troops persistently to be aware fixed pressure over only one large military.

The campaigns I accept as true with are assorted. Just a few of the identical suggestions could be aware, nonetheless or now not it’s all dependant on the scenario

21 days ago

I did now not know this when I played as a child, and it sounded honest a runt odd when I first got right here across it when I started playing again. Customarily, you may perchance perchance now not bear time to wait on till post imperial age sooner than attacking when playing a decent participant or in opposition to more tough AIs. It be about getting resources as rapidly as likely to make a choice out military production and rupture off your opponent rapidly in must waiting an hour and a half sooner than attacking. Whilst you presumably did… Read more »

21 days ago

i constantly manufacture vils till im pop caped,after that i open deleting them if i overboomed.

Its kinda recurring to manufacture 150 vils on games, specially if u are playing a dear composition.

21 days ago

You might want to perchance perchance honest silent goal for 2/3 villager to military ratio. In case of 200 pop cap you goal for ~130 villagers. Drag that’s „handiest“ 70 military. Nonetheless more villagers suggest more resources and more resources suggest you perchance can put collectively more items. Create hundreds of unit production constructions and then you surely perchance can „son“ militia items. So on the total you combat plenty. And then your expend your many building and resources to put collectively new military fast. So at the same time as your military dimension is capped at 70, you put… Read more »

21 days ago

Right here’s a rapidly choose for you, more villagers equals a elevated rate of handy resource technology.

As you’ve suggested, a 100 pop military will beat a remark 70 pop military, however the participant with more villagers can change their troops quicker or bear a more dear military comp.

In a drawn out combat, in the end the upper economic system can snuff out the weaker one. Whilst you esteem ancient parallels, perchance take note the soviets and Germans, though there are surely some issues right here I admit.