Introducing the Bantu civilization from the Gold and Glory mod

Hello there! We’re support with one other civilization of the Gold and Glory mod, a mod I truly had been working with Anatarion and ChuKoNoob which in the mean time has 6 new civs, with 10 more already deliberate. This day we talk about the Bantu.

Across the mountainous lands of Southern Africa, empires rose and fell across the middle ages, holding and those empires were all constructed by the Bantu peoples. The Bantu were neatly-known for their infantry ways and metallurgy and were very fascinated about the ivory and gold trade. The dominion of Zimbabwe used to be also neatly-known for their stone masonry.

The Bantu are a in point of fact straightforward civilization in thought but their sport thought is extremely awkward. The entire factor about them is that they lack each cavalry and eagles. Yep. No rapid items at all earlier than they produce a castle. They nonetheless gain a solid early sport as neatly as a nice bonus to fetch a castle early.


Clarification of the bonuses, weird and wonderful unit and peculiar techs:


Infantry and defensive civilization

  • Initiate the game with a spearman

No longer in The usa, and practically unable to make exhaust of horses and camels, the Bantus exhaust the frequent infantry items to scout.

  • Huntables ideal 50% longer

Representing the Ivory trade, this bonus by myself will invent the civ very competitive in the early sport

  • All infantry items fetch pleasure from offers
  • Spearman accessible on darkish age

It permits for a weaker but much less lethal drush, and helps against scouts. The Bantu peoples were neatly-known for their revolutionary infantry ways, their assorted hand weaponry as neatly as appropriate metallurgy. The Assegai spear is notably iconic.

  • Assemble 300 stone at castle/imperial age

A kindly support for dashing a castle, but a solid bonus total. You are going to provide you with the chance to manufacture a 4 TC allege after promoting stone available in the market with out mining any stone, or appropriate sell the extra stone

Group bonus: Infantry +2 line of gape

A kindly bonus for scouting, its there for synergy appropriate fancy the diversified infantry bonuses

UU: Assegai Spearman (rapid versatile infantry, outdated vs infantry)

Assegai Elite Assegai
Fee 70F 30G 70F 30G
HP 60 70
Assault 8 10
Armor 0/2 0/3
Velocity 1.2 1.2
RoF 2 2
Assault bonus +8 vs cavalry, +8 vs elephants, +2 vs structures, +2 vs eagle warriors, +4 vs camels Assault bonuses: +14 vs cavalry, +14 vs elephants, +2 vs structures, +2 vs eagle warriors, +4 vs camels
Advent time 10 10

Quick and versatile, the Assegai is the Bantu change for cavalry. As mentioned earlier than the Assegai used to be one in every of the characteristic weapons from south Africa

Outlandish techs

  • Fort UT: Zimbabwean Battle (rams don't payment gold)

The Bantu (and notably the Shona people from up-to-the-minute Zimbabwe) made extensive exhaust of fortifications which ended in so much of sieges

Additionally, Zimbabwe capability “stone condominium”

  • Imperial age UT: Cowhorn Formation (Militia +40 hitpoints)

The Cow Horn formation used to be a South African prepare that proved to be very efficient against the simpler armed British forces in the 19th century. This bonus offers them a undeniable barracks with cheap spearmen and indubitably solid two handed swordsmen.

Lacking techs:

  • Barracks: eagle scout, champion
  • Archery differ: cavalry archer, elephant archer, hand cannoneer
  • Precise: actual, scout cavalry, knight, camel, steppe lancer
  • Blacksmith: cavalry armor upgrades
  • Siege workshop: capped ram, siege onager, bombard cannon, armored elephants
  • Monastery: illumination, heresy
  • Dock: cannon galleon, heavy demo ship
  • University: bombard tower, heated shot
  • Fort: /
  • Financial system: /

Gameplay overview:

  • The feudal age is solid economically but very fragile. Their hunting bonus is a exiguous bit weaker than the Mongols when it involves helping you with timings, but it indubitably ends up being stronger lengthy term. The spearman bonus would possibly perchance invent up for the dearth of scouts for a drush since not wanting gold and the spearmen being more affordable in meals payment is a kindly support. However, no scouts makes the civ outdated to skirms, nonetheless the eco would possibly perchance point out you would perchance perchance perchance perchance perchance discipline more skirms of your gain so hopefully its unruffled ravishing. We would unruffled give then a new skirm bonus but the civ has enough bonuses so ideally not
  • The mid sport stone bonus permits for more aggression in case you utilize the market, a stronger allege in case you produce more town centers or a simpler early castle. Xbows are entirely upgraded but your lack of any generic rapid unit makes them inclined to siege and prob outdated to skirms too.
  • The Outlandish unit is form of the Bantu eagle warrior, but unruffled rather plenty diversified. The payment being likely the largest disagreement between them and eagle warriors, but in frequent they’re appropriate stronger in melee and weaker in differ. The civ it’s far going to be unruffled reasonably outdated to siege even with the weird and wonderful unit, but hopefully the extra stone for castles, appropriate monks and rapid weird and wonderful unit protect them competitive.
  • Your siege is classy attributable to your rams. You lack gunpowder and siege onagers, and even supposing your rams are cheap they obtained't be that tanky as a meatshield, but they’re unruffled ridiculously cheap anyway
  • Late sport your navy is ok, with FU foot ranged items as neatly as kindly infantry and siege but lacks vitality items and also you are going to likely unruffled fight against enemy siege. You’ve first fee monks and Assegai but neither of them are kindly at dealing with siege
  • The civ is a first fee flank but practically unusable as a pocket attributable to the dearth of any non castle rapid items. It's also execrable on water attributable to no water bonuses and likely below moderate on closed maps attributable to the dearth of scouts. The civ is handiest on start maps or hybrid maps.

Both design, thats all! Hope you skills it and we are able to be support with the Iroquois, our first native american civ.

If you happen to’d fancy to envision the civs you would perchance perchance perchance perchance perchance play them here, we also gain an UI mod, a web space in which now we gain the total future civs integrated, and also a discord server.

Feel free to half your suggestions on steadiness and civ originate

Assorted civs:



Introducing the Bantu civilization from the Gold and Glory mod

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22 days ago

Being in a plot to provide a castle AND a TC without mining stone at all looks somewhat too a lot, perchance nerf it to 200 per age?

Except for that? Queer unit looks relish a kamayuk/eagle hybrid that more or much less works as the ultimate unit they must provide.

Before castle age they form now not hang an reply to archer+skirm unless they tower their wrong.

Assemble now not love the spear scout too a lot, although its an absorbing view.

22 days ago

Keen civ

22 days ago

Trim, but additionally shocking. I relish the huntable duration bonus, and hope a civ in the waste will get one.

22 days ago

So rams fee no gold but they most attention-grabbing in finding wrong battering rams?

22 days ago

This civ has completely no reply to siege, as a minimal of with civs dilapidated to bbc/onager (relish Jap and so on) you must more than likely more than likely produce cavalry units. You don’t hang the rest varied than the UU I bet (which perchance must silent in finding a bonus vs siege) and even then it’s now not relish an eagle where a minimal of you must more than likely more than likely produce it at a barracks or something And What form you form vs scorps? Lovely onager? Your most attention-grabbing units are infantry, archers most attention-grabbing… Read more »