I in actuality think t90ttl will even be the game changer for aoe2 esports

Correct now aoe2 is in a extraordinary draw esports wise because we don’t rating any majors or other events that may maybe maybe rep every person to rating a examine. Don’t rep me horrible nili memb and so on did astounding jobs and boa hc and rbwololo indubitably pushed the game forward however I feel what we desire is a legitimate agenda besides the opposite ranfomly placed tournaments.

Something we are able to rely on and rep hyped over time. T90ttl is a big skill to introduce that into aoe2. Twice a year and crammed with the supreme of the supreme.

Here’s more straightforward to promote and dwell unsleeping for and more straightforward to ruin tales spherical. It also feels more straightforward to rep sponsors interested.

I in actuality hope it does effectively and turns into the staple for 1v1 tournaments in aoe

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22 days ago

Yeah, would be high-quality to believe arena annual tournaments. In my opinion I wish they’d compose but every other 2v2 world cup, where the single two players from each nation are teamed up. Final one they did in 2020 used to be very interesting and competitive cuz there used to be no team that used to be a clear frontrunner and like 10 teams appeared comparably at probability of bewitch.

I wish they’d compose the World Cup extra usually than Battle of Africa, because Aftermath is so dominant that only a couple other teams believe an alternate

22 days ago

I compose no longer detect that turning into bigger than lan events and established events like kotd, hc, rbw. For the unprecedented 2 years, the Critical used to be RB Wololo on the fort. The hype around the next Hidden Cup may perhaps be unreal. I compose no longer detect ttl there.

22 days ago

Zeroempires tried to compose something like this just a few years previously with the ruin out champions league, nevertheless it wonderful didnt get the constant viewer numbers.
I dont mediate any single streamer tournament will ever change into the single biggest necessary tournament even supposing as various folk will continually recognise a various tournament because the biggest.

22 days ago

I mediate the hidden cup format is doubtlessly the single esports tournament format. Aoe2 is lucky it will believe that thought attributable to how the game is designed.

22 days ago

Can verify that T90 Titans League is the single AoE2 tournament I’ve in point of fact been in staring at, and I only started staring at it after it ended. I feel to return and detect the leisure of Round 1 in the ruin, nevertheless in the past, I’ve made appropriate progress and believe considered issues roughly in expose (I’m hoping). I’m currently in Round 2.

21 days ago

The smaller prize pool of this tourny brings just some of the hype down

21 days ago

The topic with TTL is that or no longer it’s no longer Hidden Cup. You can’t assign doubtlessly the most smartly-most smartly-liked tournament hostage and expect everyone to get supremely hyped for a vital less thrilling format whereas claiming that the resolution is attributable to inviting platforms, even supposing T90 has admitted that used to be for non-public get (no shade, he deserves it) and never for our or AOE’s succor. Assemble doubtlessly no longer get why we, as followers, had to lose our only tournament for that even supposing, why will we no longer believe each Hidden Cup and… Read more »