Carry out I beef up to Crossbow and Arbalesters if I are looking out to make spend of Plumed Archers later?

As Mayans I on the total watch that early recreation concept is to bustle archers nonetheless moreover every person says that plumed archers are better in endgame.

So if my concept is to make spend of Plumed Archers at the conclude then in this verbalize how far enact I beef up traditional archers for the length of the recreation? Appears to be like bit expensive to beef up even to crossbowman and later to arbalester. Every beef up worth 450 meals, 400 gold nonetheless this crossbowman beef up when I'm rushing is so perfect.

Also at the conclude war when I loose a total bunch items I cant create Plumed rapid sufficient since I don't have 5 castles so all all over again arbalesters attain to hand.

What is reccomended right here?

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