Is MS Reward Points Lobbies a Good Idea?

MS Reward Points is a program that rewards users for using Microsoft products and services. One way to earn points is to play games in the Microsoft Store. However, some people have been abusing this system by creating lobbies for games and leaving them idle to earn points without actually playing the game.

Legibility of the Reward System

First off, make sure your region is supported. Go to the rewards regions page.

Where, What, and How to get the rewards?

If your region is legible, you can sign up for an MS Rewards account.

Microsoft will reward PC, Mobile, and Xbox users for using their services and award them gift cards, sweepstakes, or cash donations for causes.

5,000 points equals $5

Here are ways where to get those juicy points:

PC (Windows 10 & 11)

1. Install the Xbox App on your Windows and earn points only by playing Microsoft Games (Age of Empires 1, 2, 3, 4; etc.)

2.  Searching on Bing through the Windows search box (Cortana) or Edge browser.

3. Physical purchases on the MS Store website or app such as Accessories, Surface, and other technological-related items.

4. Digital buys of movies, apps, or games on MS Store app or site.

5. Get some money back upon making purchases from top retailers only when shopping through Microsoft Edge.

6. Other rewards on MS Dashboard

Xbox Console

Play Microsoft games such as Age of Empires II Definitive Edition and start earning pts.


Install the BingApp or Microsoft Edge app on your mobile to use Bing for your searches.

The Trick that Players are Abusing!!

Whether on PC or Xbox, players are hosting or joining a room in the Lobby Browser and remain idle (afk) for the longest time to get points.

Are MS Reward Points Lobbies a Good Idea?

The idea of MS Reward Points lobbies was originally a good one. It is a way to reward gamers for playing games and to encourage them to try new games. However, the system has been abused by people who are only interested in earning points, not playing games.

Problems with MS Reward Points Lobbies

There are a few problems with MS Reward Points lobbies:

  • They make it difficult for people who want to play the game to find an open lobby.
  • They devalue the Microsoft Rewards program, as people can earn points without putting in any effort.
  • They are unfair to other users who are earning points legitimately.

Solutions to MS Reward Points Lobbies

There are a few things that Microsoft and the gaming community can do to address the problem of MS Reward Points lobbies getting out of hand:


  • Implement a system to detect and ban users who are abusing the system. This could involve monitoring lobbies for inactivity and using algorithms to identify suspicious behavior.
  • Make it more difficult to create lobbies. This could involve requiring users to complete a challenge before they create a lobby.
  • Reduce the number of points that can be earned from playing games. This would make it less attractive for people to abuse the system.
  • Change the way that points are awarded. Instead of awarding points for playing games, Microsoft could award points for completing specific tasks, such as winning games or achieving certain milestones.

Gaming Community

Report a player in age of empires 2

  • Report lobbies that are idle. If you see a lobby that is idle for a long period, you can report it to Microsoft. This will help them identify and ban users abusing the system.
  • Join and play in active lobbies. If you join a lobby and find it idle, you can leave and join a different lobby. This will help to reduce the number of idle lobbies and make it more difficult for people to abuse the system.
  • Educate other players about the problem. If you see other players creating or joining idle lobbies, you can try to educate them about this and encourage them to stop.


Are MS Reward Points lobbies a good idea? The answer is both yes and no. Rewarding gamers for playing games was a good one, but the system has been abused. Microsoft and the gaming community need to work together to solve the problem of MS Reward Points lobbies getting out of hand.


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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