Spirit of the Law vs Hardest AI

1v1 match against the AoE2 HD hardest computer. Facebook: …

Hello ladies and gentlemen spirit of the law here in this video I’m going to be playing a one verse one against the AI from the HD Steam version of the game with the expansions so the most recent and improved version that comes officially at least with the game

Although there are some other very good AIS that are out there now this isn’t meant to be a tutorial or me saying I’m some kind of expert but I thought it might be fun to show some of you guys that have made it a personal goal may be

To try to beat the most recent HD computer on moderate or hardest or whatever the way that I go about doing it and maybe it’ll either be helpful or entertaining for some of you guys especially if I fail I’m sure in the last video I showed how it compared to

The original age of conquers AI and I won’t spoil how that goes so you can check that out if you want off the top of my head I’d say just subjective experience to back it up that the most recent hardest AI in HD is somewhere between a 1600 and a 1700

Player on Steam though I would say it’s more susceptible to early aggression and that’s going to be my strategy against it and I think if you’re trying to beat yourself trying to have an attack against it before 20 minutes is really going to be a key to victory there so

That’s my 10 m2 plan and so we’re going to do a mirror match hunts or I’m not playing the Japanese but I think I have a hunter the more standard one versus one civilization so I want to play with that one and I’m going to be doing

Arabia and tiny map and I’m going to have it on ‘hardest and 200 population and reveal map normal so everything standard standard resources and let’s check it out okay so had some sheep nearby I was actually pretty lucky and let’s get everybody don’t even worry about the way thank you

Sometimes if it takes a little while with Hans bees don’t have to build the houses then I’ll have them collect some wood but they really have a chance this time not a great wood line I notice right off did that here do you have a board and find that sheet that’s nice

Where’s the second one no they always come in pairs there we go Oh both boy right there pretty nice actually although I have to say really not impressed by the wood line I guess I can use that one something the end of the world so I’m going to be going for

In Archer rush for sure well least that’s a tentative plan the tower rush is also very effective against the AI but I don’t think I’m going to do that I’m just considerate I know it’s not fake it’s sportsmanship I think to Tao rush the ax it really doesn’t handle it

Well and I mean you can mix a couple of hours in with your Archer rushes or something but I don’t even know if I’ll do that we’ll see maybe a lot okay so I’m just gonna do it pretty standard ish filled order with a six on sheet and then I think I’m gonna

Go for him with it you can try to go it was just three on wood with huns because you don’t need to make the houses so you save some wood there but you also lose 100 wood off the start and I find it’s difficult to get enough enough wood to

Make a mill if I do that so I still go for four on wood and I would recommend that if you’re if you’re still trying to figure out kind of basics of build orders which is kind of like me to be contest alright so that’s pretty nice

Having these two bore so close I don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for them do you feel like in this and couple sheet though and I think my Scouts getting a little far out here okay so she’s gonna collect it normally she would build a house first

All this time she doesn’t have to let’s get the Sheep out of here and I’m not using my fancy luring trick oh I shouldn’t out of my town center there but at the same time I don’t want you to get the idea that you have to

Play perfectly to beat the AI you really don’t you can have a little a couple little moments there’s nothing wrong with that hey not two but I would like to find my last two sheep maybe I miscounted but I think I should have two more out here somewhere there we go perfect

Like I said they always come in pairs so if you find one always look for that second all right so three so I think four is pretty standard there and it should be about five seconds late learning that boy okay so now a couple things I could

Do I think I’m gonna get a little bit more wood though because like I said I’m going from our to rush which means which means I’m going to try to get at to archery ranges as quickly as possible as soon as I go up to fewh I’m gonna try

Maybe 24 25 and then make second everything okay because I’m gonna have to go pretty heavy onto wood over here and where is he so right now I would really like to find where he is and oh and I like to forward build and like to

Send a couple of villages either two or three to kind of work their way towards him if I can was she just standing around there so like I said this isn’t a perfect tutorial but I really think it’ll help to see that you don’t have to

Play perfect I mean don’t build up the AI too much your mind their job they’re pretty good they’re good for a is but they’re not perfect by any means and certainly if you can have a decent brush kind of sixteen minutes if you can attack them by sixteen minutes then they

Don’t really get a chance to boom and they are quite good at boomix you do have to be careful that not to try to I mean Knights are okay but if you try to take too long get your attack in that’s when you run to trouble against the AI I

Think it’s on the right side here because I found a relic and you do you don’t have relics right beside your town thinking is more over here hard to say though I’m going to grab a gold mine because I’m going to need quite a bit of

Gold for archers I mean could be over here and it could just be in the corner somewhere not totally sure but it would just be nice to find them it’s not comparative but I find them right away because I still do have to go

Up to the fetal age and build a a couple of buildings still so it’s alright okay I just making sure that you’re scouting at the same time and so I see a chalk tree so I do know that he’s here and luckily the AI doesn’t shoot at you

Yeah some real players will shoot at your your Scout that’s one nice thing and I’ll get loom I suppose cuz I’m going to be moving forward with villagers here pretty soon and I’ll kind of set these villagers I kind of have their sheep lined up for them so they

Can just going to follow around there and grab them and let’s head up 9:30 not a terrible time then let’s send three for that man well now let’s descent you okay so I don’t really need as much food at the moment now because really this yeah no this is

Not so much it I need food Forks if I’m going to be making archers I basically need gold and wood so I need enough villagers to sustained more villager production on food but I definitely have that even if I just keep these and I will be adding more in later let’s start

Filling this barracks I should already open up I think and I’m going to keep them together just in case there’s wolves want to play a little bit safe fools like that guy I’m actually gonna wait to attack him until I get my plus two because they Scout does get plus two

When they reach the feudal age or maybe up to school right around them I have to think so that looks like I have gold bears kinda lucky a scout of that I’m not seeing any wolf so that’s always a good thing cuz that’s a pain when you move forward with your villagers they

Get taken out by wolves so it’s good to kind of think about that keep your Scouts nearby so that’s just a minor gold oh yeah try to get all right nothing in the world let’s get one down I’d like to get two down as quickly as

Possible and I’m not to scout them out a little bit more I think I need to find where as Maine gold is because you’re gonna have a large gold and let’s keep going with those should get these upgrades and once they’re done that or they don’t have somebody back home do

That should get a blacksmith as well okay so I expect him to be fuel age pretty quick and I do expect some skirmishers out of the AI it’s not unusual and there’s really not too much point to having these villagers up here to be honest and that that is one thing

About playing the Huns is I’m never totally sure what to do with them good on the school never totally sure what to do with them up front I could just build a tower but that’s kind of exploit so let’s have them like that I’ll be fine

Okay so a big thing now I don’t want to send these in right away I want to make sure I have kind of six is kind of my my rule as long as I have six by sixteen minutes then that should be good enough and you can do little kind of cheeky

Things like hit the villagers and run away but I don’t usually like to do that that’s also kind of exploited because it’ll chase you they will chase you a very long way and coming up a stable okay well that’s probably giving me better than an archery range then we

Might also have that I just want to scout and see what he’s up to okay I might wait just have one more you just want to make sure you have a group of them didn’t get picked off by skirmishers unless you have six or seven and one advantage that you have over the

Computers of course it you can micro I got lucky there in it that was this archery range if I can take that out doesn’t have a great counter unit for me oh yeah perfect get is gold so grab those upgrades and if I could I would

Grab this this is good money economy set up before we get into a fight here kick pad so if I can stop him from getting gold that’s really gonna slow down his next advance which is ideal Oh somebody’s doing something done right so this key arch is coming out and I do

Like to keep kind of one beside anything I’ve already hit to make sure we can’t just go back to it alright so make sure that using hotkeys and stuff so I have all these guys signed to number one and I would like to get this guy away that’s an unfortunate choice by him

Focuses go down that he chose that make his new weblinks this one’s under attack so the AI is smart enough to try to move and find a new one and unfortunately for him it just happens to be right beside I’ll be beside this gotta keep these guys

Together though and I said the wood line just make sure I keep making villagers and let’s see well you put a couple of here how to tell if the computer actually tries to counter units I feel like it doesn’t you’d be nice to stalking but I don’t think I can all

Right let me shake always keep them all right and they do seem to be going around gotta keep an eye move around a lot and we’ll try to find new locations and at this point it might seem like I’m stretching my guys a little thin but at

The same time if I can just stop his economy and stop him from taking resources the number of units they have to face is actually can go down and almost at that point now I take some free shots there I’m also point out that I don’t know if he has

The economy to keep coming up with units so we’re getting kind of close he might resign pretty soon here oh and it’s got skirmishes now okay wait a few skirmishes now but I’m more interested in taking out these villagers if I can so if I can take them out I’m it’s over

But we’ll bring these guys together and this is where you being a human is much easier than this is for the AI and I dunno I know a couple idle villagers there but I think this is where the Fighting’s have oh just going around the other side okay and I’m located just to

Have some random units around here like that that just gives me map control alright let’s get these guys working kit and we’ll put them there you need to be better about these upgrades where am i sending all these guys I have way too much weight so just noticing right now

I’m sure some you guys noticed already carrying way too much what I was like 800 would definitely don’t need that let me go market and that’s gonna help me balance that out she’s cute of a couple of those horse hot keys are the best way to do that and

If he is shooting at one guy can kind of move that unit and have all the rest of them shoot up it can be pretty effective but your wife hasn’t designed yet to be honest you can’t have very much left but sometimes they can be stubborn I’m kind

Of 20 minutes this a pretty usual time to be done if you do are to rush like this the biggest thing is that the AI can really boom if you give the chance and you just don’t want to let it do that yeah there you go to the

Reservation 22 minutes so the biggest thing is not loading boom plenty fine if you try to go from night so you can give them a little bit too much of a chance to boom and the biggest thing is just make those archers and just keep them coming out and just hit the different

Resources and if he does go out with skirmishers try to get a group of them and then you hit back up and hit and back up and just make sure you’re always creating filters back home and just set them on wood and then move guys from

Wood over to the farms and stuff and just make sure you have seven or eight and in this case I think I’ve known it’s just eight on gold just make sure you can keep those archers coming out so that’s how I do it and I’ll just kind of

Show you these I mean it gets pretty insane when you have archers because you’re not actually engaging them one on one and you hit him before he has a chance to make this military and so that’s all of those ones so that’s how I beat the AI on ‘hardest and that’s

Pretty standard 22 minutes is it’s pretty good for an hour to rush so just make sure you’re trying to get six or seven archers together to attack before 16 minutes is what I use as the rule and if you can’t get that together by then

Then you might have to go on in and include some towers or I just try to go to Castle age and get Knights but try that out and try to see if you can get that part down and then you’re definitely good to play online if you

Point so thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you next time

hardest ai


I am GregStein, an experienced Age of Empires 2 player and part-time developer. With over 7 years of experience in multiplayer gaming, blogging and technical issues.

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