Will Xbox experience a rollback?

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    I am having trouble expressing my disappointment in the latest patch, which was the first patch since the release of the game, and it has significantly damaged the game.

    It caused many of the members in our group, especially those who ranked in the top 25 on Xbox, to stop playing.

    Is it possible for you to roll back or fix it in any way?

    Before the patch, it was perfectly fine to play, so why make unnecessary changes?

    Can’t we have the option to remove the zoom and set it back to the way it was?

    We were all used to the previous settings, and it is frustrating to adjust to this new change.

    The right stick feels terrible now, with its slow-fast-slow movement.

    Are you trying to make us stop playing your game?

    We have other options as there are many great releases coming out.

    Will you fix these terrible changes or force us to accept them?

    Finally, kindly restore the default zoom and make the right stick work the same way it did before.

    We played hundreds of games with those settings, and muscle memory kicked in within the first ten minutes, but now it is entirely different.

    And in just two minutes, we feel like we’ve lost everything we’ve worked hard for.


    Get a pc/laptop 11


    I actually liked the zoom addition.

    Helps when I have trouble selecting things and sometimes it’s cool to get a closer look at something.


    Go into options and set the preset zoom to about 80.


    Just play the game and stop complaining.

    My whole group is top 25 as well and none of them are quitting and whining about it.

    It affects every xbox player and they’re well aware flooding the subreddit with it won’t change anything

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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