“Why Limiting Access to the Mod Button is Necessary: Easy Access is Overrated”

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    I do not believe that simply placing a cogwheel icon and including it in the settings list is a sufficient way to make the feature intuitive.

    There is a chance that people may still discover it by chance.

    Do you have someone on staff who specializes in user experience?


    What annoys me is that it didn’t used to be hidden.

    Originally you could access mods from the main menu, along with instant access to other things like saves&replays, editor, civ history etc.

    I think I saw recently someone posting here about mod that restores the original DE menu.


    for sure.

    use mods to set up your game individually and list that feature under settings.

    not counter-intuitive at all…


    So many wonderful suggestions in the forums for rework on main menu and other UI/UX features but not in the dev’s priorities.

    Hopefully they do something about the accessibility to mods.

    Ironic they prioritize the console for more “accessibility” while most of the PC’s features are half abandoned.

    Does any one use the quick play to search for matches vs AI or the dead mode Battle Royale?

    Also the Clans feature is another of the “dead” features in-game.

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