Why Does Everyone Consider Slavs as the Dullest Civilization While Malians Exist?

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    The bonuses offered by Imo Slavs are more engaging and intriguing than being simply powerful.


    Because you probably don’t understand the versatility of Malians.


    Neither are boring.

    Persians are BORING.


    What did you say to me you little ****, coming into my house and insulting my baby!

    Malians are the best civ in the game with the single strongest strategy (swords).

    I wake up every morning and I breathe Malians.

    My first born child is called Gbeto and my dog is called Farimba, he gets extra damage so watch out for him.


    Op infantry for killing archers.

    Op flexible cav with extra damage + cammels
    Sick archers
    Start without a tc?

    Dont give a shit that just makes them stronger.

    You will be sat on the toilet contemplating your life choices and then POW Malians longswords are gonna appear out of nowehre and ruin your day.


    How are Malians not interesting?

    They are by far more interesting than Slavs.

    Their wood bonus invites for slightly different build orders.

    They get a good stable.

    Archers are ok till imp.

    Great monks, Farimba is awesome, your infantry is special too.

    I think the civ is well rounded also it falls off lategame.

    Slavs have: Hussar spam in lateimp and otherwise they are pretty generic too.

    So idk.


    Somewhere in the future we’ll finally get the +3 archer attack UT to complete the trinity along with Farimba and Garland Wars.


    Slav fan personally, but I like the flexibility and weirdness of Malians.

    For one, Gbeto is a really fun unique unit, and champscarls are surprisingly oppressive and great for destroying your opponents base.

    Their wood bonus means you can lean into archers easier (until imperial) or easier time on hybrid maps.

    Then there’s Farimba cav for your trash option, makes for a fun army composition.

    Slavs for me are one of two options.

    Either playing it safe until you can get to your crazy post imp army, or go all out 1 TC push.

    Cheaper siege, free supplies, monks etc, now aided by wooden castles.

    These are both fine, but when I go straight knights it takes a while for that eco to make it spicy.


    Malians actually have a niche carved out for them.

    One of the 3 best civs for Nomad along with Persians and Spanish.

    Slavs killer app used to be its farming but thats since been rendered redundant by Khmer and Poles.

    Like really what is there that Slavs do that you cant do better with like 5 other civs.

    Slavs simply need a retooling imo.


    Malians since they lost free mining techs have become irrelevant.

    It pushed them outta the Arabia scene and into closed map Civ were their just avg.

    Champskarls and Farimba Cav is always fun tho.


    oke so the malians have:


    infantry with high pierce armor, which make them completely unique

    extra gold from mines so you will always have more than your opponent

    cheaper woodcost on buildings which is a very convenient eco bonus

    what else do you need??

    i guess universities work faster too but nobody cares


    compare that to slavs:


    farmers work faster == boring because it doesnt change anything it just makes it so you need less farms

    supplies is free, but who cares about getting a 75/75 tech for free that you won’t research until late castle anyway

    siege workshop units are cheaper, which is nice i guess but are you really going to notice it all that much?

    probably not

    the team bonus is cool but thats it for the slavs, very disappointing indeed


    Champkarls, gbeto, farimba cav, arbs but no bracer, an eco bonus that allows off meta build orders…

    I think Malian is one of the least bland civs of all 35.


    Not everyone thinks slavs are bland.

    Way more interesting to play than something like mayans franks chinese imo.


    Nomad, full all in longswordsmen eating tc.

    Tell me thats bland


    Malians are definitely not boring.

    Full one tc long swords is really really hard to stop.


    srsly? 1 of the coolest civ in the game. 1) the only civ that can go into mass MA+ towers or skirms in feudal and continue with longswordsman+anything else in castle and be successful. 2) Forward tc drop agression, or mass tc defense is amazing and so underrated. 3) Gbeto house snipe strat when u ignore villagers and make opponent popcaped with 100 vills and zero army. 4.

    Jack of all trades civ that could do litteraly any strat, while its not broken and being balanced. 5) the only civ with arbs but not bracer 6) farimba cav make their cavalry all have unique stats and trade different in the battles.

    There is no civs with such a gameplay.

    And u seriously comparing them to slavs?

    just 2 question why pick Slavs when we have teutons?

    What unique strat they could do that other civ cant?

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