When Will Franks Be Subject to Castle Nerfs Like Sicilians?

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    The Franks are incredibly powerful in their current state.

    If they gain an advantage, they can easily take over your castle.

    And even if the match is even or they are leading, they will still construct castles everywhere.

    Giving them an additional bonus is unnecessary because they are already strong.

    Therefore, they should be considered for future changes.


    What do devs have against Sicilians man 11


    Franks are too strong for how easy they are.

    They have a top tier castle drop, on top of a strong scout rush AND the best FC knights and a very respectable late game with the strongest Paladins, really strong Light cav, BBC + HCs, a strong range physical UU infantry and FA Halbs and Champions.

    They are not even limited as Goths, they are at worst very rounded with a lot of complementary options to their cavalry and counter counter units, and the economy to make them work.


    Okay, 100% was always ridiculous.

    Also, they’ve been buffed with the changes to infantry, serjants, & donjons.


    Honestly, people are coping “UUUUUH, WE GET PIKES FROM DONJORNS NOW!” Who even cares?

    Donjons are shit, weaker towers because more vils can batter them down because of their larger size.

    Sicilians need a complete rework, they did work when they were a “knight —> GG” civ, now they’re just not it.


    Every other day we see a franks nerfing post.

    Building a castle faster is arguably a better bonus than a cheaper castle.

    While having more castles is definitely better, I’ve been seeing siege tower villager hops on arena and getting castle dropped inside your base.

    While hilarious, it’s still dumb that you have 0 ways to deny said castle because it goes up at 2x the speed.

    Sicilians are getting several other buffs to compensate, better donjons, buffs to their UU as well and the castle bonus isn’t gone, just reduced, still by far the least chance to have a daut castle.


    The problem with the Franks is that is the single most popular civ in the game, its around 10% of all the total games, other civs in second and third places are like 5% onward….

    if you nerf the franks you are also making the game harder a lot of newbies who don’t even read patch notes or care at all and you will also upset the high elo players which already have dominated this civ in and out, too many people will be uncomfortable and its a pain in the ass to deal with it.

    So they do what Riot Games does to league of legends, don’t nerf the franks but keep buffing other stuff.

    One or two years of patches until someone will say “wow the franks are so weak these days”.

    However, due to the average skill of the players, dealing with the Franks is always tricky.

    The pike man lacks move speed, you can easily kill knights but you have to be there on time.

    I think overall the Franks win rate of the online 1v1 reflects on the average John that casually plays for ladder once or twice a week and never addressed how to counter cavalry properly.


    Do you make monks, by chance?



    Make Franks Castle the same cost of Incas Castle and everything will be fine.


    They want a half of civs to be a trash tier, especially comparing to the top unicorns.

    They just do it on purpose




    Make meme about “nerve franks” to buff other civs.

    Devs would take it and do it 🙂


    Nerf them yourself, by going knights into HCA+Light Cav+Capped Rams :kappa:


    We got the shittiest campaign so we deserve a plus side, lmao.

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