When the game ends and you view map

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    Anyone else spend an hour repeatedly sending your army into a total meatgrinder of the enemy army?

    Then when you can view the map realise their entire imperial economy is almost completely unprotected if you just diverted some troops at any point in that direction

    I’m a big noob ~900ELO about 40 games played… remembering to keep raiding has definitely made a big difference so far – now steadily climbing


    Outposts are a huge advantage.

    Towards late castle age it is always worth it to send a villager along each side of the map and make an outpost every few dozen tiles, especially around the extra gold and stone piles.

    At least then you can tell if the enemy has started expanding.


    It’s hard to do sometimes bc you’re focused on a specific area of fighting, but sending a single scout/light cav/hussar into unexplored portions of the map where the enemy base is can give you valuable info of weak points where you can raid.

    Many times they are also focused on the battle site and their eco is free and open

    I remember a free for all where it was just 2 of us left and one of the defeated enemies had a market standing so I was quietly trading with it.

    My opponent sent one scout into that area by chance and he then destroyed the market.

    This information that you get can totally change the game.

    Also sending just a few units into a different spot can cause them to divert resources from your main battle site which can allow you to push through!


    Tunnel vision


    > Anyone else spend an hour repeatedly sending your army into a total meatgrinder of the enemy army?


    If it doesn’t work the two first times, it’s time to consider a different area or a different army composition.


    Its relatable for the vast majority, its one of the aspects of the game that keep us in the mid to low elo.


    Always scout.


    Yes I can relate.

    But slowly I use the sides for some raiding, works sometimes if my brain picks this up early enough 😀


    Apm is the most important post imp resource.

    If you can cause a lot more reactive apm with raids, even if you kill little the disruption and trying to get workers back on farms is highly valuable


    Well remember armies are mobile, their troops can go there to respond just as well as yours can to attack.


    Raiding/counter raiding is really important.

    Even just a small handful of knights to a post imp wood line can be devastating.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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