When Should I Add a Second TC if I’m Transitioning from FC to UU?

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    Typically, my first 650 stone is spent on building a castle to begin producing military units.

    Following that, I tend to construct a second castle to maintain a steady rate of military production, as it takes a significant amount of time to build up a large army.

    I am unsure when I should add Town Centers to start boosting my economy, as my resources are usually quite limited while attempting to balance producing villagers, military units, and upgrades.

    Additionally, I am unsure if this strategy changes when playing as Bulgarians, as their unique unit can be produced from a different building.

    Would it be better to go for a Fast Castle and immediately work towards building a krepost for producing their unique unit?


    Depends on many things, so Im gonna try to describe the 2 most common situations where I personally do FC UU.

    Keep in mind it takes 6 farmers to keep your TC running.

    And how many farmers it takes to keep your castle producing depends on your civ.

    You can let that calculate here: [https://aoe2-de-tools.herokuapp.com/villagers-required/](https://aoe2-de-tools.herokuapp.com/villagers-required/)



    Most commonly when Im Spanish and I go FC UU and therefor my fish dies.

    I have to establish a 6+8=14 farmer eco just to keep that running (TC + Castle).

    Then I will add some more, in order to also research some upgrades (military as well as eco), and only then I place another TC.

    Sometimes I actually place my 2nd TC earlier, eventhough I know I cant sustain villager production, but its important to secure that nice gold spot from raiding, for instance.

    But I know I have to add farms quickly now to keep it running, or I have to sit out Conq production.

    If I do decide to sit out Conq production for a minute, its smart to take the gold vills to build that TC.

    Thats how you make sure you’re not floating too much gold.


    In Arena 2v2 I have some strats with my friend.

    And one of them includes me doing FC Coustilliers.

    So I go FC, defensive castle and then I try to keep that castle running.

    Its super tight because I need 6+11=17 farmers just to keep that running, but I also wanna afford both defensive upgrades, so Im actually busy placing farms until I have like 22 farmers, and only then I add TCs

    So the basic idea is to find out how many farmers your UU needs to keep the castle running, then you add 6 because thats what you need to keep your TC running.

    And only then you have the eco to add TCs.

    That or you sit out castle production, which is a totally solid option too in many cases.

    Its totally possible to just pump out UUs for a certain amount of time to get some map control or snipe monks, or raid, or whatever, and actually transition into extra TCs way earlier.

    You just gotta understand that it takes 6 farmers to take a TC running, and it takes quite a lot of farmers to keep a castle on a food-UU running (usually like 8-12).


    Kinda depends on the civ and how much damage you’re doing.

    Some UU are food in intensive so you won have food for vills from 2 tcs and castles.

    Also if you are able to do heavy damage I woulld say your 2nd tc maybe better on your way to imp.

    If doing just normal damage you could go for extended castle with a tc as long as the pressure is consistent and ur eco is moving forward.

    Very hard to pull off under 1400 ELO


    FC -> UU sucks with melee units, they can just wall them out like knights and now what?

    You have nothing.

    But ignoring that, this is what I do.

    If you have actually done an FC then you won’t have eco for a 2nd TC for a long time, no point adding in the TC until you have enough farms for it, the unit you are making AND another 4 or 5 for the next TC (you need 6 for the TC but if you have 4-5 farms before making it then you will probably have enough surplus food that it will manage the TC and then you can add a few more farms after).

    In terms of the second castle (or krepost) you really want to make that forward.

    But sometimes the opponent won’t let you, say they go full monks, or full guard towers or something.

    Well does making that castle forward really do anything?

    No, not really.

    Will Imp do that much for you?

    No, not really.

    At the same time what they produced cannot attack you, so now is the time to add more TCs.

    That’s how I see it, when they made a defence that you cannot crack, but also cannot stop you booming, then boom.


    If you want to go castle+second TC ASAP, just don’t build the castle with stone miners so that they collect +100 soon.

    Same if you wanna go chain castles+UU All in.

    Third possibility is castle+UU with fast imp behind.

    This has two cases- (1) food UU like Jani where you want to setup 20 farms 15 gold 8-10 wood then use market to go up; or (2) wood UU like organ guns where you want to go fully to wood and gold and market abuse to imp with more castles.


    Really depends on UU.

    If it costs wood, pretty much as soon as you can afford it, provided you’ve actually done enough eco damage to make it worthwhile adding extra tc’s.

    Food units, not until much later since you need to be able to have more farms to afford tc and castle production.


    2 or 3 tcs first, then your castle.

    It’s quite a bad investment to build a castle right away unless you’re in a precarious defensive situation.

    It’ll take less than 100 secs to make room for those additional tcs, going from 550 to 650 isnt a big deal anyway.

    More tcs might boom you to have more vils hence more stoneminers hence an effectively fast 2nd castle.

    In your situation I would actually worry more about time efficiency stuff like having 2 blacksmiths instead of one or building the barracks/stable that’ll grant your UU bonuses on the getgo.

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