What’s Going On With the AoE 2 Community? LOL

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    I used to play Age of Empires 2 on MSN Gaming Zone for a considerable period.

    I briefly played it again when the new version, DE, came out, but then took a break for three years.

    Recently, I decided to play the game again.

    Unfortunately, I had two troublesome team games.

    In the first one, my flank was attacked by two enemies in Arena.

    I immediately sent help, but my teammate abused me by calling me “gay” and resigned.

    In the second game, my team disagreed about playing with random civilization.

    Even though I let the game as it was, my screen became grey, which made it hard to follow the chat.

    One of my teammates called me an idiot once the game started.

    During most of my other games, around 70% of them ended up with players insulting one another.

    I had hoped that as the game was an older one, the players would be more mature now.

    Unfortunately, it appears that I was wrong.

    Every game has some level of toxicity, but the situation is too much in this game.


    I see a lot of these posts, but I gotta say, I don’t see it that often, just the occasional quit in feudal when down


    Team games are more fun with friends in a discord


    Sorry for your experience.

    I would say that it’s not something wrong with the community, but rather just something wrong with those few players you encountered.

    There will always be bad eggs in any social group, there’s really no getting around it.

    Just ignore them and move on if you can – I can attest at least that most games are not like this, though you may want to look into what caused your screen to bug out since that sounds problematic.


    Toxicity is inevitable at all levels.

    If you can, it’s best to find a team to play with regularly and just mute opponents if they start talking offensively during a match.

    Otherwise it’s inescapable, I’ve see it from 1000 elo people and from 2000 elo players .

    Some people are just like that.


    i have 1200 hours and i had like 10 toxic interactions and some of them i was the toxic dude^^.

    but it feels like it incresed the last few months.

    lets stay friendly guys.


    its an online game, toxic stuff are going to happen.

    Just ignore and report if its something reportable.


    most part of the community isn’t toxic at all, especially compared to other games.

    with the exception of one group i’d say.

    when i play a specific time of day i get this group the most.


    I want my wife to raid and kill with me but she gets upset when I raid.

    It’s annoying and I want her to die.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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