What to Expect in My First Ranked Matches as a New Player Who Has Only Beaten Extreme AI in 1v1 and What Would My Elo Be?

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    As a beginner in the game, I have only faced AI opponents as I am apprehensive about playing against ranked players.

    However, I have been able to defeat extreme AI in one-on-one matches.

    What should I anticipate for my initial ranked battles, and where would my elo score land?


    “Most ladder games are like toddlers fighting with pool noodles”

    I think this is really important.

    Dont be scared of ranked, the players you face around 1k elo (the place where you start) will be pretty incompetent.

    You will win some and lose some, as long as you have fun its fine.


    Well if you’re beating the Extreme AI comfortably then there’s not much else except play ranked if you want a challenge.

    Not sure what elo you’d be since the level has risen, but if you have to lose a few games before you get to your actual level, then I don’t think it’ll be too many if at all.


    Trust me, if you’re beating extreme ai, there’s absolutely zero reason to be scared of ranked!

    Christ, you’re likely already an above average player!

    Do it – big boy pants on! 😂


    you worry too much just join a game; have fun.


    I was in the same situation as you over a year ago.

    I ended up around 1100 elo after my first 5-10 games.

    So don’t worry, your first games will be against players of equal or slightly lesser skill.

    You’ll probably improve pretty quickly too as you’ll learn more playing vs humans.


    Extreme AI is pretty decent.

    Just know that about 98% are “bad” players that enjoying playing. 2% are considered high end players, who also like enjoy playing.

    Just enjoy the game.


    I’m a new player and can’t get past hard difficulty yet despite 10 years of sc2 to help me along 😥


    You will probably be around average elo or slightly above, but the exact number doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting fair games and enjoying yourself.

    You can expect to face lots more varied strategies, including lots of things the AI doesn’t do like all-in rushes, and a stronger performance on the hybrid maps where the AI struggles to know what to do.

    Army control is usually better for human players too, and defensive play is less viable than against an AI which just walks single units into your castles.

    Good luck and have fun!


    Play ranked and find out


    Only 1 way to find out tbh, i say you should go for it nothing to be scared of I’m a new player on xbox and started at 1000 elo..

    go hit those ranked matches and let us know how you get on 🙂


    I would guess extreme AI is roughly 1100 ELO.

    It’s actually a really good player.

    As other have said, if you beat them without exploiting there weaknesses and beat them at their own game, youll probably settle in the 1000 to 1100.

    So you can expect that you will start winning about half your games immediately.

    And always remember, no matter how good you are, you are going to lose roughly 50% of your games.

    If you are on the ladder get comfortable with losing its going to happen.


    What if you can only beat extreme ai by pausing every 2-3 seconds?


    Your first 10 ranked matches will be mostly lopsided.

    Either you’ll thrash someone or be completely stomped, it gets better once your ELO settles.

    I’d say you’d be around 1000-1100.

    But bear in mind, this is a highly variant ELO range as there are a lot of folks who fluctuate in this range.

    As long as you are having fun, keep playing!


    my fellow aoe man, don’t worry about your ELO, enjoy every match.

    if you wanna enjoy and get better, only add watching your RECs and detect your mistakes, external feedback from a better player is recommended.

    but please ENJOY.


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