What Should I Do Against Cavalry Spam as an Aztec?

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    When my adversary focuses on generating a large number of Light Cavalry or Knights, it usually results in my defeat.

    What units should I create instead?

    As I am unable to control monks against a group of 20 enemies, and the Aztecs do not have access to Halberdiers.


    Create 10 monks and hotkey them one to ten.

    Then if he sends out the paladins, press one, click paladin, press two, click paladin and so on.

    I just won a game with Aztec paladins


    Wall up, add a lot more barracks as Aztecs make units quicker and because Pikes die quicker than halbs.

    Spam them more than ever to compensate for their squishiness.

    But generally you shouldn’t let it get to that point in the late game.

    Gotta be aggressive and mass eagles or xbows early before the enemy can mass cavalry.


    I’ve realised that garland wars eagles actually do quite a bit of damage to cavalry.

    FU without considering armor its 21 damage per hit, while they attack much faster than pikes.

    Against light cav or hussar as long as you have the gold, eagles will dominate.

    Knights will be a bit tougher, while eagles will be pretty effective, they will drain your gold.

    I would suggest mixing eagle and pikes, and use the eagles to push forward and do damage to the economy when possible as they excel at raiding.

    Lastly add monks, I’m not saying try to micro 20 of them, but if you have like 3 conversions during an engagement it matters a lot, your monks can then heal your units a bit which will also help out.


    Go up faster to castle age than knight player, and mass eagles and go forward, with monastery, and add TCs.

    If you’re slower, do the same thing but this time 2 TC, second tc on a secondary gold & monks at home.

    Mass enough eagles with all upgrades & monks with fervor & sanctity upgrade and go on the offensive.

    Knight player can’t keep up with your eagle+monk numbers without a decent boom so don’t be slow to mass eagles.

    If you want, you can add some pikes to the mix to make your life easier, if your monk micro isn’t good enough.

    You have to deal the damage in castle age where knight civs will have issues to deal with aztec 1 or 2tc pushes.

    Imp if you feel you’re not dealing enough damage, go imp for elite eagles & garland wars.


    If you can’t use monks, best not use a monk civ 🤷 pick a civ you can play 👍


    Mixing a few Jaguar warriors with your Pikemen helps a little.

    I ran a few tests to see you which Aztec unit does the most damage to a paladin, and the unit that does is in Jaguar warrior with Garland wars.

    Learn to micro monks.

    Instead of spamming pikemen to deal with knights use your monks.

    One of the biggest mismatch is Aztecs vs Persian.


    Well one reason is because of Aztec monks.

    Monks get 5hp with every monastery upgrade.

    Which means it’s going to be harder to kill a monk.

    Harder to kill a monk means to a more successful conversion.

    A war elephants bane is against a monk.

    The other reason is no two handed swordsman nor champion upgrade.

    Not having that means it’s harder to deal with eagle warriors.

    Sure persian get hand Cannon but Aztecs have a unique upgrade on skirmishers that deal with hand cannons.

    Paladins is not a cost-efficient way to deal with eagle warriors ultimately you’re spending more food and gold.


    Aren’t Aztec pikes good enough?

    Champions with their imperial bonus?


    Can always use their eco for a 1 tc fast arbs and try and shred that way


    Pick different civ or practice your monk micro.

    Can’t really go around this.

    Also, avoid the situation where your opponent have critical mass of knights, try to pressure him more, so he’ll have to fight you in small scale


    Convert his stables and make xolotl


    Practice you monk micro and make sure you have Garland Wars on your pikes.

    They’ll do fine


    xolotl warrior


    Go Mayans instead.


    Play incas instead for long range pikes and halbs.

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