What Meta Rules Exist at Your Elo?

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    I am currently at a 1400 level in the game and notice that 95% of my opponents use a similar strategy.

    They start by sending out 19 pop scouts while quickly building walls in the feudal age.

    After this, they create 4 scouts to attack my military and wreak havoc on my base if possible.

    Once they reach the castle age, they upgrade their knights to +2+2 and do their best to break into my base while constantly raiding.

    If my opponent is an archer player, they will make siege weapons at home as a defensive measure and avoid fighting with knights until they have the opportunity to destroy me.

    If I decide to play with knights, I should also include a lot of monks in my army.

    Once I reach the imperial age, I should prioritize cleaning up my opponent’s army.

    For my own strategy, I should rush to get to the castle and imperial ages while prioritizing creating full knights and siege weapons.

    If I feel like it, I can also add a castle somewhere on the map to bolster my defense.


    The meta at my elo is tc idle time


    The meta is always spam knights.


    My POV Assuming Arabia as the Map

    I) An early/agressive opening most of the time followed by 1 range play. (sometimes the streight 1 range opening is already an answer to a drush/m@a or is the fast opening mentioned with pop 17/18 with the mill skip build)
    II) Some walls with palisade and a race to Castle Age usually follows it.

    What happens if you don’t follow?

    If you try slower openings you’ll get delayed by the early Rush, overreact and by the time you might be thinking about a counter-atack Enemy Will be walled with few ranged units to raid (if you left openings) or just protect his walls till his Castle Age UP kicks in for him to punish you according to his style (outboom with fast tcs…

    forward siege… 1 tc full army or some variation of such)

    How is it different from 3/4 years ago?

    This early feudal and early castle time Windows are getting truly exploited and players are much more balanced than in the past (i remember facing players that world play very agressive, sometimes forcing longer feudal Age wars..

    some others forwarding everygame..

    and a few even giving priority for some very defensive styles like full wall and FC…


    those seen to be quite situational now and often gets punished by the meta mentioned previously


    That is exactly the strat I used at 1400, and what I changed to get me to 1700 was to make more than 4 scouts 11.

    In actuality tho most people in the 16-1700 range I find tend to think “teutons have bad archers, I’m not going to make archers” when I think a top player would be able to identify that certain units even as certain civs can still work if you make them work.

    So at 1600s it’s a lot of archer civs making all in archers and cav civs playing a little more boomey but also all in cav


    I’m at your ELO but i refuse to play knight spam, I always play archers (feels more elegant to me).

    I play random so occasionally I get franks and play 19 pop scout into kts, and most of the times I just DESTROY my enemy.

    Knight meta is so powerful at mid levels.

    With archers you need to measure your times very well, add monks or trash and never make a mistake.

    With knight civs you just knights go brrrrrr and that’s it.


    Like 65% scouts–>kts, 30% maa and 5% archer users.

    Most of the strats I use though it’s like 60% straight archers, 35% maa and 5% scouts as gurjaras.

    On arena it’s just castle drops vs a person who doesn’t know what clown tactics are.


    I’m at 1380 and wanna go 1400+, can i have the 19 pop build order, and tell me how do I counter that and get fast uptime pls


    Please comment me your meta with hindustanis, i thin that in catsle i dont habe a good power spike, i am looking for some diferents strategy , thanks a lot


    I’m about 1200.

    Meta is usually maa into archers.

    Otherwise scouts into knights.


    If it’s not knights it’s Mangudai


    Select all stables, set waypoint to enemy base, spam kts, let them fight on their own dont waste apm and make farms at home


    You didn’t say on which map.


    I played against someone doing this yesterday.

    There elo was 1450.

    Mine is 1200.

    I might have called them a noob for doing that at 1450 elo. 😅

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