What Is the Top Civilization for Defense in 2023?

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    My friend and I are currently playing a game of AOE2, and I am curious which civilization would be best suited for defending both our bases.




    Byzantine are still wonderful on the defensive.

    Cheap counter-units and healthy buildings and insanely tough castles is hard to beat.

    Also BBC and handcannons for imp usage.

    That being said, I would rate Chinese as a better civ to utilize on the defensive in a team game.

    Your unique tech buffs wall HP insanely, but also, Chukonu are able to deal with any rams that assault your walls, and other than BBCs and Handcannons you have access to everything you’d want for a defensive playstyle.

    Honorable mention goes to Portuguese for feitorias and infinite ballistics Bombard Towers.

    Infinite stone trickle is not to be underestimated should you make it to imperial in a team game safely.

    Second honorable mention to Mayans for cheaper walls, so if you need to wall a ton, they’re the go-to for that team bonus(and they’re a generally great civ too).


    Byzantine are the best for defense.

    More HP for walls, towers, castles and TCs. 25% discount on Pikes, Camels and Skmishers.

    Nice Monastery with Redemption to fight against Siege Push.

    Still the best.

    Koreans and Incas are top tier IMO too.

    And Poles because they are OP.




    Offense is defense in this game.


    Mayans have cheap walls, Byz have higher HP on buildings, Khmer don’t need mills so can farm in the back, idk how you defend.

    But I think the most fun civ to turtle up is Sicilians.

    It’s so satisfying to hold out with one well-placed Donjon (which can create units to defend too) after which you can transition to knights or a castle age boom.

    First Crusade counter-attack can also be satisfying


    Teutons, Koreans, Byzantines.

    Not necessarily in that order.



    Fast-imp Feitoria and then spam bombard towers.

    If you are playing on Michi or Amazon Tunnel, then Portuguese and Tatars are an excellent combo.


    There are a few that come to mind.

    Byzantines, just the extra HP on buildings is insane, but also having cheaper counters is great.

    The extra healing on monks also helps here.

    Teutons, I mean free murder holes, extra garrison space, infantry shoot arrows, castles that can outrange bombard cannons, monks with higher healing rate, and an insane eco to boom with while you defend.

    Koreans/Japanese come to mind if you want to do a tower defense this can also be said about Turks/Portuegese but their bonuses for bombard towers only come into play in imp.

    Franks/slavs with cheaper castles but they lack bracer.

    Bulgarian kreposts are also great.


    Byzantines is the ultimate price performance nation in the game if you want to play defensively.

    Cheaper halberds skirmishers and camels that all aim to counter expensive units.

    Your buildngs will have massive HP if you can keep up in tech.

    Late game cataphracts are reliable, so it’s not like you are doomed for a budget play.

    Their eco access upgrades in tech are also pretty good, much better than many warring civs.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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