What is the Purpose of Wonders in Video Games?

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    I have not been playing Age of Empires II competitively for some time now; I have only been playing campaigns.

    I was wondering if wonders are actually useful in the game, as they are so expensive yet don’t offer much in terms of building.

    Is there a way to make wonders generate resources, or perhaps modify the Huns’ unique technology to achieve this?

    As I am not very familiar with the game, I thought I’d ask for some opinions on this.


    The thing is that if you can afford the resources and the villager time to build a wonder in a competitive 1v1, then you should be able to just win the game by allocating those resources into something more effective.


    Would be fun if a wonder unlocks the team bonus (if balanced)


    The point of Wonders is to prevent draws and make games end eventually.

    They are necessary for Wonder race game mode for obvious reasons.


    There is almost no point unless it’s a wonder game.

    If players aren’t attacking or taking too long in like and Amazon or Michi game you can force the attacking to start


    It’s a premium 105, like the old Huns Unique Tech.

    You pay resources to tell your opponent he’s losing.


    Even if games weren’t set to conquest I doubt the time and resources would ever be worth it.

    You’d have to be at such an advantage to be able to essentially sink 3k resources then put your eco on hold for 5 mins whilst you build the thing that you’d almost certainly have won far more easily by putting that cost towards troops and collecting more resources m


    Try playing attila the hun in hard and you’ll learn about wonders.


    I think Wonders should fire arrows and give a Feitoria style resource trickle.

    Would be fun in long games.

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