What Is the Optimal Strategy for Playing on a Map Similar to Arabia?

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    Playing Arabia in ranked can be a challenge, often resulting in three or four consecutive losses.

    In 3v3 arena, our usual strategy is to castle drop one player and have the other complete a 1v1.

    However, fast feudal is necessary on Arabia to avoid getting into trouble, as early walling can make it difficult to make an impact.

    To ensure success on Arabia in a 3v3 setting, it’s best to have one player go fast castle, another go fast feudal, and the third support the first two with resources and units.

    This strategy is ideal for teams at 1.1k ELO.


    the best strat?

    flanks=archers and pocket=cav .

    Going fc is a **huge** nono in arabia, at least when people are playing top tier civs , if its a random civ game then PROBABLY in some cases u can ge away with it but its still a bad idea anyway and u have more chance to win playing feudal.

    18/19/20pop+loom uptimes to have an agresive feudal,flanks should go 2 range archers and pocket stable scouts into knights/camels( the pocket can click to feudal without loom, its risky but it pays to have 1 extra vil in the uptime while doing a tight opening, ofc u need to research it asap when feudal).

    The pocket in a 3v3 need to have a good map awareness to carry the game, the simple way to play is 2guys on the worst map side or worst matchup side and then let the other side 1v1 and at some point switch or send army and generate some unballance in that 1v1 side.

    Gurjaras tend to play long feudal with upgrades because they can mass camels in the uptime to castle, if u have knights against camel civs ( like franks vs gurjaras or indians) your job is to dont let your flank die because you cant kill camels but archers can ( flank civs with thumbring are way better against camel civs)

    Thats basically the meta, at least from what i studied in the lattest weeks ( since the NC was anounced there is a lot of high elo Tgs everyday) sometimes i join one of my country teams when they need 1 player to get matched against a specific team ( is not even fun to play at that lvl when u are not even close to their elos, this guys are averaging 2k3+ 1v1 elo which is nuts for my weakass lvl)


    sry if my english suck


    The flank with better map can wall and play defensive 1v1 while pocket goes with another flank and try to put pressure so that enemy pocket needs to come there (so it becomes 2v2)


    NEVER make fast castle on arabia unless you are spanish on flank and even then thats very unreliable.Making FC you are literally useless for 20 minutes after start of the game its more than enough time to kill you or your teamate.Going archers and scouts then knight is only meta play on tg arabia.


    And what about Maps.

    With water in the middle and in the Sides mit wallable.

    Like meditaran.

    But you cannot Wall the Sides.

    Pocket Go water and the flanks rushes in feudal?


    Never got into TGs since no one wants to play arabia.

    I enjoy 1vs1 much more.


    Flank TC Drops everyone.

    Teammates clean up the mess after your opponents entire squad over reacts to kill the atC dropper

    Does not work with a pocket who needs 45 minutes to boom

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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