What Is Infantry Regarding Technology? A Potentially Silly Inquiry.

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    Are these bonuses only for sword-wielding soldiers or do they apply to any foot soldiers?

    It seems that all non-mounted or siege units qualify as infantry.

    Additionally, would the archer upgrades in the blacksmith affect units that use gunpowder weapons?


    Infantry = melee, on foot.


    Every unit from the barrack + every unmounted military unit with a melee attack, excluding siege.

    These tend to not be ranged, though the Throwing Axemen, Chakram Throwers, Gbeto and Kamayuk are exceptions (plus maybe some hero units, but you won’t encounter these outside of custom scenarios or campaigns)


    a foot unit that deals melee damage


    Barracks units and some of the castle units, berserk samurai jaguar warrior etc.

    Gunpowder gets only the archer armor.


    Infantry are basically any unit on foot that deals physical ”melee” damage.

    Some have range, like the Gbeto or Chackram Thrower, but still deal physical damage.

    Militia line, Spear line, Eagle warriors, unique units, etc.

    The in-game description shows not only what they are but also where you can get their upgrades.

    Archers are not infantry, mind you, and they deal piercing damage instead of physical damage.


    Walking and attacking using swords, not or arrows, gunpowder or javelins

    * Also includes Throwing axemen, Gbetos and disco throwers


    Archer def upgrades apply to gunpowder units excluding siege, but the attack upgrades don’t


    I recommend you use the AoE2 Database app (available on [web](https://www.aoe2database.com/) and [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aoedb) to find the answers for these types of questions.

    It shows what techs apply to a given unit and what units are affected by any given tech.


    Surprised nobody has mentioned the petard, it is not an infantry unit despite being a military unit walking on foot and attacking with melee damage from melee range.


    What about any axe throwers ?

    Are they piercing ranged damage or do they come under infantry because they’re on foot?


    gunpower units like conquistador hand cannoneer and janissary are benefit from archer armor upgrades


    It refers to a type of unit in the game, the other ones being archers, cavalry and siege weapons.

    Infantry units are foot soldiers dealing melee damage (weather at contact or at range).

    All the units trained at the Barracks and all unique infantry units like Samurai, Jaguars, Gbetos, Obuch, etc


    military unit doing melee damage while on foot = infantry upgrades.

    gunpowder gets archer armor, but they dont get archer attack upgrades.

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