“What is Eco K/D?” becomes “What Is Eco K/D?”

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    I observed this feature in Capture Age, and I am curious about its purpose.

    My assumption is that it’s a variation of K/D ratio, but instead of counting the number of units killed, it measures their value in the game.

    Can you explain what it actually is?


    Number of economic units killed, villagers and fishing ships (and trade carts in tg).


    Maybe this video from Nili can help


    Like many have mentioned it’s the K/D ratio of all economic units.

    It’s a better metric than regular K/D as you cannot compare the loss of a persian war elephant with say a karambit.

    Eco KD says a lot more about the actual damage done to a player, though it can also be misleading, as not losing villagers but having half your eco idle is also terrible.


    Eco K/D is the number of villagers killed in the overall K/D.

    I don’t know if that factors in trade/fishing ships., but that’s the purpose overall.


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