What Causes Some Civilizations to be Without Theocracy?

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    This is an ideal illustration of a technology that simplifies the management of devices.


    > Isn’t this a perfect example of a tech that only makes units easier to control?

    It’s actually an extremely strong tech.

    You can have a bunch of Monks focus a single important unit, such as a Bombard Cannon, for a fast conversion, and they won’t all lose their Monk juice.


    why do some civs lack Herbal Medicine and Fervor?

    both these are near-universal techs, only missing from 4 civs each


    It’s more of a necessity than an assistance.

    Theocracy is such an important upgrading that going imp monks doesn’t make sense without it most of the time.


    I’m surprised nobody has brought up anything related to historical inspiration, or it being another way to diversify the civs and make them a bit more distinct.


    What is the point of theocracy?

    Just git gut and micro lol.


    i would put it in the same group as ballistics (every civ should have it)

    aoe2 player base by definition shares a very high demographic of sedentary/conservative players, so these kind of recommendations will hardly go down well, until either devs implement it, or someone with a big name recommends it.

    regardless of how logical it is

    sorry for you


    it’s not unusable without the tech, but a major disadvantage, which is the entire point.

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