What Are Your Desires for the Rome DLC’s Return?

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    Possible options for the DLC include either a simple port of AOE1 DE into AOE2 DE that allows players to choose between AOE1 or AOE2 in the main menu, with everything else remaining the same, or a more extensive update that features AOE1 DE in AOE2 DE graphics, redesigned campaigns with improved scenarios, voice acting, and objectives, AOE1 civilizations that play similarly to AOE2 civilizations with new buildings and units, and future DLC releases.

    The preference is for option 2, as AOE1 DE is currently lacking in campaign quality and map detail compared to AOE2.


    It is AoE I built on AoE II.

    So AoE II pathfinding, MP support, probably gates, all AoE II features with the tech tree of AoE I, etc.


    I’d very much like to have the total of ai and control improvements of 2.

    People get nostalgic for the janky controls but once you’re actually playing it that gets old fast.

    But I’d like it even more if they just redo everything.

    Rebuild and reimagine the game in aoe 2, even if it ends up with less total content.

    Aoe1’s campaigns are even less interesting than Joan, porting those over as is would be an extremely cheap attempt to cash in on nostalgia only a small percentage of the playerbase ever experienced, the rest wouldn’t get anything out of it.


    Wouldn’t option 1 be the same as AoE:DE?

    If they’re bringing it into AoE2, we might as well benefit from the improvements it has over AoE1


    Would be cool adding in new civs how about a legionary some of those units in aoe2 can hit like 1 square away bring in some hoplites also could do that sorta thing and even chariots for Egyptians would be cool there’s so much more could be done its gonna be good I think


    I want to see unique units and Krepost level fortresses.

    Or maybe something like a regional unit to be made at the fortresses.

    Chariots being reworked into a high gold cost unit would be historically accurate and cool.

    A general game balance between archers and everything would be good too.


    i dont really mind as long as its good


    AoE moved to a game mode of the AoE II DE engine, Western Roman Empire added as a AoE II DE civ and updated in the Goth and Hun campaigns.

    It’s alt-history but we already have Imperial Age Huns and a campaign where the Aztecs thump Cortez.


    It has to be Possibility 2.

    Porting AoE1DE to the engine of AoE2DE is no easy task.

    You basically have to write the whole AI from scratch to make it work, since those games use very different AI systems.

    Also, since they want to sell the DLC, it has to stand out from the original in some way.


    I’m hoping it’ll be like, when you open up AoE2 DE, on the main menu you click “AoE 1” and it takes you to a separate AoE 1 within AoE 2, and it has all the improved -everything- that AoE 2 has.

    So you’d be playing AoE 1 except it’s in AoE 2’s “engine.”


    I think they gonna add 3 civs from aoe1 to aoe2.

    Egyptians, Romans and Babylonians maybe one more like greeks or carthage.

    UU: Range and melee chariots, legionaries, hoplites, elephants and some trirremes.

    Really hope is all aoe1 in aoe2 port.


    There’s also the possibility that they might incorporate the civs into AoE2, no?


    without crashes and with good pathing.


    Possibility 2 or it will be irrelevant.

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