What Are Some Actions You Take Despite Knowing They Are Suboptimal, or Things You Avoid Doing Though You Know You Should?

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    I made a post similar to this in the past and it received plenty of entertaining responses.

    Personally, my obsession is with collecting deer in the game.

    I absolutely have to get at least two deer to feel satisfied, regardless of what’s going on.

    If I fail to do so, I might find my opponent’s base later than I should or mess up a lure, but even then, I’m not willing to give up my desire for venison.

    It’s true that I’ve lost many games due to focusing too much on collecting deer, but I just can’t resist being greedy.


    I don’t wall and I don’t use small trees.

    I prefer infantry civs.


    Avoid farming until running out of food under TC.


    I CAN NOT quick wall to save my life so I don’t even try.

    I tend to play like the AI with regard to unit comp; as in I’ll spam a whole bunch of different units rather than go all-in on one type.

    I refuse to use offensive towers, in my mind that’s too cheesy, and the only place it belongs is 12 year old me trying to beat the hard ai for the first time.

    Similarly I think castle dropping on arena is basic AF and I won’t do it even if I’m franks / Spanish or whatever.

    I usually stay on one TC well into castle age and try to secure a military advantage.

    I’ll ad TC’s later in castle age so I can make vils on my way up to imp.

    Aaaaaaand you all know how to wipe the floor with me now 11


    I really enjoy going all in infantry in dark/feudal.

    Makes for messy games.

    Also Teutons in arena are my favorite especially with crenallations.

    Let’s see your BBC’s


    Scrolling around the map using the arrow keys instead of the mouse


    play almost always pure infantry.

    Sometimes some skirms to defend on feudal age, siege in castle age or maybe hussar on imp, but mostly pure infantry


    I build 7 houses in dark age in my standard arena 24+2 build order.

    It’s technically not efficient, but I still reach castle age without idle time, and if I don’t do it I almost always get housed in early castle age (or worse, on the two villagers you make between reaching feudal and clicking castle).


    Always play the same civ and try the same archer rush basically every game(except when some pre walled shit map makes it through).

    Most of the time I fail but I despise games lasting too long and those dumb ass trash battles (or ballista elephant spams?) at the imperial+ stage.

    I always try and finish matches early.


    I build 3 folwarks in Dark Age as Poles if I’m going FC.

    I have to send an earlier vill to wood, and drop and extra farm- but I have to build one less house…


    Sometimes later on I refuse to lure any available food instead sending vils to build a nearby mill lol

    This is late game if any living animals that are not in the stable are still alive lol


    >I’ve lost so many games mainly cuz I didn’t find my opponent til feudal.

    But I refuse to not be greedy.

    I mean the problem here isn’t a strategic problem, it is an execution problem.

    Pros can push in all their deer and still scout their opponent on time, if you can’t then you are just taking too long to do these things.

    Being less greedy isn’t the answer, getting better mechanically is the answer.

    For me it’s making skirms unless I absolutely ABSOLUTELY have to.

    Like I’d sooner run down 2 archers with villagers attempting to drop gates to trap them so I can hit them than make a couple of skirms in feudal age.


    I never boom…


    if i dont end the game early castle age its over for me.

    Gotta play super aggressive or its over


    I try to be greedy and play too defensively and boom even when it doesn’t call for it.

    Its a roll of the dice that either gets me mangoneled or I roll over the opponent in the late game.


    I always go 6 on sheep then 4 on wood no matter what.

    I’m only 1200 elo but this is the closest I’ll ever get to a build order and it’s the only one I know/do.

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