Warlords is one of the best tournament I ever seen I hope 9 vils start to be added to the game some how, even as mod for custom lobby’s

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    I been following s tier tournament for couple of years now and warlords is one of the best I ever seen, granted I wasn’t around to see any hidden cup live for example, but…

    oh boy warlords really provided a fresh offer to the repetitive tournament scene we already have in aoe2 and hope for all the tournament organizers to keep innovation.

    Finally I hope devs add 9 vils start so how in the game, me and my friends wanted to try on the “in game maps” even as custom lobby option similar to empire wars, I believe this will bring more people on board to play more and more games ( me including)


    While it’s nice for watching pro games.

    I don’t really mind the 2 extra mins when playing myself.

    It is really not that big of a difference, just a small speed up.


    Absolutely not a fan.

    Civs are designed around 3 vill start.

    Adding a 9vil game mode would just add one more layer of balance next to EW.

    Putting that aside, I like to have the extra time in dark age to think about the matchup.

    Something that really put me off Empire Wars that I always open blindly and don’t know what the opponent opens. 9 vill start pushes the game in a similar direction (less time for scouting/thinking in Dark Age).

    You can try out 9 vil start on official tournament maps that featured it, e.g.

    NAC 4 or KotD 5.

    Just download the map packs and you’ll be able to start with 9 vills.


    Much prefer 3 to 9.

    9 changes the balance too much as well.


    Genuinely, why? 9 vil start is in most cases identical except with ~88 less seconds worth of dark age, apart from when it completely changes how maps play out, like in nomad and BF, almost always for the worse.

    I’ll never understand why everyone thinks it’s so great.

    Not a single map is improved in any meaningful sense by 9 vil start imo.

    It’s just a way for tournament casters to spend a minute or so less having to fill airtime in dark age


    I like the 9 villagers start for pro games, but prefer the normal start for my games with potato build orders and scouting.


    I need the 3 villagers start to have the time to think about my game plan.


    9 villager start is great FOR TOURNAMENTS because it makes it to the “war scenes” quicker, but the game is designed for the 3 villager start and it would be horrible to change it.


    How do you think the pros are playing if not via custom lobbies?!

    If you want to host a 9-vill lobby then you just subscribe to the Warlords map pack and host them.


    I actually think the game should be somewhere between a 6 and 9 villager start by default.


    I think 9 vill start would be a great add to the ranked lobby, nobody plays EW and Spirit of the Las already showed it in a video.


    It’s revolutionary!


    Personally i like the 3 vill start way more as you can learn how to adjust build orders by paying attention to it

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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