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    What do you consider as the appropriate number of villagers to have in each age?

    In my opinion, it is as follows:

    Dark age: 20-25 villagers
    Feudal age: 35-40 villagers
    Castle age: 55-60 villagers
    Imperial age: 65-70 villagers

    Would you prefer a higher or lower number?

    I am attempting to enhance my gameplay.


    Standard build orders (assuming 0 TC idle time) have 19-21 vils before clicking Feudal but can be as high as 24-27 if you are going fast castle.

    From there it’s a lot of “it depends” but in general you end feudal age between 35-40 vils (again assuming little to no idle TC).

    There it gets way murkier.

    Normally you click imp
    Anywhere between 60 and 120 vills depending on the game and strat.

    But either way, in almost all cases you want to keep building vills until you get to 110-120 and then maintain that number.


    The answer you’ll get lost frequently in AoE is “it depends”

    Pretty much everything depends on what your goal is and what situation it is.

    Scouts? 18-20 vill dark age.

    Archers/MAA? 20-22 vills.

    Fast castle? 24-27 depending on map.

    Fast imp?

    I have no idea how to fast imp


    Too many in Feudal (20+-2 is the about the norm for open maps now), and too few in Imp (you want 100-130, depending on the situation, but that number can go up to 160 for some settings and civs).


    I like more vils in Imperative age


    You want around 150 villagers in Imp so that you can purchase upgrades and creating armies at the same time.

    After fully upgrading the necessary units you can delete some vils if you need a bigger army.

    Don’t be afraid of overbooming, fully upgraded villagers work fast, and creating and deleting them after is almost always better than not creating them at all.

    Up until that point you just create villagers non-stop, and age up whenever you feel comfortable, so the problem of optimal villager number per age is irrelevent and there is no need for an answer


    Troll Portuguese late imp build typically has no Vills, only Feitorias.


    I like 130 villagers in imperial age.

    More if elephants are involved, fewer if the game has reached the trash war stage (making only skirmishers, halberdiers and light cav).


    60-70 villagers is a valid strategy for some archery civilizations.

    But, if you go up to imperial age with 60-70 villagers, you will have a certain time window to make damage with arbalesters and trebuchets (or bombard cannons).

    And you must not lose that army.

    I remember a game some days ago, against a guy who reached Imperial Age at 28:00 with mongols, playing arbalesters.

    He said “105” to me, because I was in castle age, but I kept making light cavalry and villagers, then killed all his army (25 arbalesters), and didn’t let him make more.

    He surrendered.

    In normal circumstances, you must try to reach 100-120 villagers at Imperial Age.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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