“Vikings To Undergo A Rebalancing”

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    I used to enjoy playing as the Vikings because they were great for Arb+Ram pushes, Fast Imp Arb and had a superb Castle Age with instant Hand Cart, making it easier to boom.

    They were also easy to transition into champs if needed.

    However, the developers decided to focus more on their infantry and buffed the Berserk while making archery techs more expensive and taking away Thumb Ring.

    This was a heavy nerf to their strongest playstyle.

    Although I appreciate the nerfs for game balance overall, almost all ‘infantry’ civs are at the bottom of the tierlist.

    I hope the upcoming balance patch will address this issue, but if not, a solution could be to give the Vikings a unique bonus that brings back old archer tech costs.

    Currently, they are not OP in any area, with their UU being expensive and easy to counter, infantry being decent but not top tier, siege being passable, and cavalry being weak.


    I don’t know what they should do with vikings but I don’t think they need to buff anything drastically like reduced archer upgrade costs

    If berserkers gained an additional pierce armor they could be like a pseudo huskarl which would be good enough i think

    And i also think berserkergang should affect all infantry maybe


    Viking infantry are absolutely top tier though.

    You might be forgetting that longswords got +1 melee armor during the series of patches you mentioned.

    Using their militia line and siege to overwhelm in early imp is very very strong, especially against cavalry civs.

    Their win rate indicates they’re still a very strong civ too.


    A little bit off topic but I think Vikings are one of those civs that are (or can be) really good for low elo nubs (like me) but drop off the higher up the ladder you go.

    I always play random civ ranked 1v1’s and this morning I got Vikings, eventually got elite berserkers with full upgrades and just hit my opponent with berserker death balls.

    It was devastation.

    They’re fast, they melt buildings, they were even melting paladins.


    when did bodkin and bracer get more expensive?

    I think simply put the UU needs to be less shit, easiest way to fix this civ without causing side effects elsewhere.


    vikings do have a lot of room for balancing by tweaking their UTs.

    Both of them are really expensive for what they do, which makes the castle UT basically only available in imp.

    Making chieftains cheaper buffs the midgame, while increasing its effects would buff late game.

    Especially berserkergang could be changed to buff the late game, e.g.

    replacing it by making it part of the elite upgrade and have room for a completly new tech, or buff it in a way that makes it worth it (random idea: berserker HP reg doubles, base HP reg given to all infantry and archers).

    I think OPs idea to change the archer tech cost for them is not the correct way, as vikings with their good feudal eco are already effected less than other civs by it.

    It would also just bring them back to their old identity of trying to finish the game with a strong crossbow/ 1tc arb timing.


    Make Berserkers faster produced and cheaper.

    That transition is impossible.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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