Upcoming Patch to Bring Nomad Starting Changes and Bug Fixes!

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    It has been discovered that some civilizations only receive their starting bonuses after the first Town Center is built.

    This extends to Persians who receive an additional +50 food and +50 wood, Lithuanians who get +100 additional food, Aztecs who gain an extra +50 gold, Spanish who do not build their initial TC faster, Malians whose TC does not benefit from the building discount, Bulgarians whose TC does not cost less stone, and Incas who do not receive a discount on stone.

    Furthermore, Vietnamese players will only benefit from their bonus revealing enemy TC locations if their TC is built before the enemy one.

    This update has caused a bug where extra starting resources are not given on non-custom maps.


    Between the Persian wood timing and the Malian TC non-bonus, is it possible that the devs are consciously eliminating civs getting a ‘free’ fishing ship at the beginning?


    Thank god Spanish nomad is nerfed.

    The most obvious and most boring strategy for a given map in the entire game


    So now we genuinely have a ‘Nomad Age’ as a precursor to Dark Age 11


    I wish they buff huns in a way that will make them be able to build a dock and TC in the beginning.

    Being the only civ not able to do so really sets them back to the point where it might just be one of the hardest starts of any civ/any map.




    I am now waiting for Huns -100 wood after TC completion.


    Im happy they nerf the spanish here, but idk, i never felt the same level of being too oppressive those bonus for persians and malians

    Spanish were 100% oppressive, the other two idk


    Does the Lithuanian/Aztec resources coming in after TC constructed even matter?

    I don’t think there’s anything to spend food or gold on until that TC is up anyways


    Love this approach from the devs !


    Why does the initial TC cost stone?

    Ever since they added stone to TC costs, I know it was a while ago, I have wondered why they didn’t exempt the first TC.


    We are aware of the issue with the resource bonuses only working in Nomad.

    About the Vietnamese bonus, do you have detailed steps to reproduce?

    Do you mean the bonus about Imperial Skirmishers?

    Thanks for the report.


    Of these, I think the Spanish one was a nerf/conscious change, but the others have already been included on the bug report I saw on the forum


    I’m glad these bugs are being found in the *preview* stage.

    Hopefully you reported them through the right channels so they get fixed.


    This is a boring solution.

    What is wrong with having a few good Nomad civs, there’s already civs that rule Arabia and other maps not so much?

    The devs are making Dark Age really dull and uninspiring.

    Just buff more civs to be good on Nomad instead and keep the map entertaining!

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