Unstoppable 2v2 Khmer Battles

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    My wife and I love playing AoE 2’s 2 ranked online, even though we are not the best players (around 680 club).

    However, I get worried when I see the loading screen indicating that one or both of the opposing team members are using the Khmer civilization.

    As Khmer players have access to unlimited gold through the market, they can easily amass numerous Elite Ballista Elephants, making them difficult to beat.

    We have tried using siege onagers and lots of monks to counter them, but that didn’t work.

    Can you please suggest some strategies we can use the next time we face the Khmer team?

    As we’re low ELO, please provide detailed strategies.


    Redemp-BP Monks annihilate Khmer Elephant units.


    You need two things to beat Khmer.

    Rams + spears.

    Rams soak oup ballistic fire, spears have damage against their elephants
    , cav and ballaster elephants.


    Ballista Elephants deals pierce damage so any units with strong pierce armour would do good.


    if you have Goth, I would try to out boom Khmer in Late castle, then in early Imp go onager clear alot of their woods around their bases and flood infantry from all direction.


    In fact, a lot of civs have access to onagers, which can now cut trees since Age of Forgotten Empire.

    So just clear a lot of woods around their side of the map and turn it into an open map.


    > I play AoE 2 vs 2 Ranked online with my wife.

    You have officially succeeded in life 😉 congrats man

    Try Mongols imo.

    Or Koreans Celts Ethiopians(though they don’t work for a low elo like me unless the seige onager has drill).

    Seige onager++

    Celts can technically also deal with the battle elephant


    Onagers are the best counter because they have more range and since elephants aren’t fast and they are huge, it’s very likely to land your onager shots.

    If you struggle to kill them, pick Mongols and have a go with their increased speed so you can safely retreat if you miss the shot.

    While the khmer player is busy massing elephants, Olán a sneak attack on their base, they need so many farms that raiding their farms basically is gg


    Siege onagers.

    Only solution against 50 elite ballista.


    You have a wife that plays age of empires?

    AoE2 players have wives?


    I heard monks do well against elephants


    Flaming Camels and halbs garrisoned in siege rams, all three of these units get bonus damage vs ballistas


    always have a plan to attack by 20 minutes.

    going on offense and taking initiative will sow chaos in your opponents base preventing them from building trade carts.

    also take note of your opponents stone deposits and attack them to prevent them massing castles.

    so if they cant buy markets because they need to defend themselves and they cant gather stone because you are putting on the pressure at their stone locations then they can’t build ballista elephants.

    offense and initiative solve most perceived imbalances.


    I’d say BBC and hussar.


    The no micro approach: Pole Winged Hussar and probably anything with trample damage.

    Had this match up yesterday in a 4v4.

    We were getting pushed hard Ballista Elephants.

    I stormed in with 30ish Winged Hussar with the UT for trample damage.

    It did the trick.

    You can replace Hussars way faster than they can replace Elephants


    >Elite Ballista Elephants

    At like 1h30 in the game, it is expected that people are almost maxed…

    You need to strike before that if your civilization are not as strong in the late game.

    I don’t recall the range of the ballista Elephant, but I guess that monks with 12 range should be able to convert them


    Siege onagers work great if you get some halbs in front so the elephants are kept out of range from your SO.

    Halb SO is easily the best counto ballista elephants but it’s a bit tricky to micro which might be the issue on your elo.

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