Unplayable and Toxic Casual Games.

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    Greetings community,

    After not playing the game for a while, I decided to give it another try today.

    However, due to anxiety about ranked matches and being out of touch with the game, I opted to play a casual online game in a custom lobby for beginners (4v4 noobs only!).

    I played three different games, each of which ended in just five minutes.

    In one game, despite being in a clear economic lead with walls up in BF, two of my teammates called me a noob and left the game.

    The second game was almost identical, and two of the four enemies left after just five minutes in the third game.

    It was disappointing and discouraging that none of the three games lasted longer than five minutes.

    I would like to ask those who play this game frequently – is this typical?

    Should I avoid casual lobbies altogether and only play against AI opponents?


    Just play ranked

    Eventually you will get low enough to get fair matches

    You can ignore everyone who talks shit

    And they usually don’t say much that is too toxic


    I think Quick Play may be better for you, it will match you against similarly skilled players after a few matches, (unlike lobbies where “noob” apparently mean something like 600-1400), but without a rating to be worried about.

    People are usually also less toxic as they care less about it. (At least in 1v1)

    It also have some drawbacks like a bit longer wait times and greater elo disparity both due to a smaller playerbase.


    In my experience, custom lobbies are always the most toxic, and the least casual.

    I only play team games with friends, but I generally find 4v4 ranked to be the most chill.

    I also find that playing 1v1 ranked is overall the best way to play.

    I used to have ranked anxiety, but I have deliberately let go of worrying about my elo, and just focus on having a fun time.


    where is this video of the guys who says,



    other team ahead in points?

    insta resign

    team ignore my 200 pings?

    straight resign


    What even is ranked anxiety?


    My suggestion.

    3rd option.

    Ranked, but deliberately tank your rating a little bit by resigning quickly.

    STOP before you downvote me hear me out…


    If you struggle with the anxiety deliberately start from a lower Elo and that’ll help build the confidence back up!

    If you’d rather play team games, try to find a group you can play with on a local discord, for example I play with some of the UK aoe discord crew from time to time, super friendly and obviously all native English speakers.

    Wish you the best of luck, and I hope you refund the love of the game



    Is normal problem ,i hace too, Even i have recorded games when bout people leave me alone ,not drop,justo leave me and i keep playing obviously loosing but just thinking at least put some effort and i like that games, i guees some kind of solución is do your own team ir groups of Friends whit same opinión ir ideas and team Game togueter , many people do this and they do some strategic ir plans Even sling in feudal to boost the other or one wall all and they other push ,i told You maybe is Netter hace your own team Game players


    Never ever put “noobs only” into a lobby.

    Either the problem is everyone’s definition of a noob is different, or you get jerks hijacking it.


    I was/am like you.

    Imagine people get frustrated to this extent in casual games, then ranked team games must be at another level.

    But I have words of hope for you.

    Keep playing those casual noobs only lobbies.

    You are giving up far too early with just 3 games.

    I played like 50 of those before I realised some of the basic expectations.

    Whats to lose?

    No elo hit right?

    Some internet stranger calls you “noob”?


    You will get called names and wonder where you went wrong.

    Games will get over seemingly randomly.

    But be persistent.

    Watch the recs.

    See if you missed something in the game.

    Early vill fights?

    Signals from teammates for help?

    You will eventually read the game better, and more importantly, you will read teammates, too.

    Most people in those lobbies have ranked anxiety and want to play casually like you.

    The skill range is wide.

    Some people are crazy good with some civs but fall apart when pressured early.

    Some just like to boom and make army post Imp.

    You just have to keep an eye on your allies and communicate often.

    Dont hesitate to over communicate.

    However, keep in mind that noobs only lobbies are typically 800 – 1200 elo in 1 v 1 ranked.

    I would recommend getting to 900 in ranked 1 v 1 while also playing noob only lobbies.

    Then it won’t be so bad anymore.

    There are occasionally beginners only lobbies, which are lower elo players.

    Or you can just create your own and say no more than 900 elo in 1v1 ranked.

    This game is most fun when playing with other humans.

    AI is good for improving skills but is boringly predictable after some time.


    Joining random lobbies is almost guaranteed poor experience from what i’ve seen

    Playing ranked TG with randoms is barely better, at least for 3v3/4v4

    The best move is to find people to queue with, or to play custom lobbies with

    There are a lot of discord communities out there but my first recommendation has to be the Practice Squad 🙂


    The best option really is ranked!

    I encounter really no toxicity there.

    Custom lobbys aren’t really freindly, yo can never know how serious players are and there is no ranking system that sets you up with equally skilled players.

    Same goes for quick match, the Elo differences there can be way to high.

    Just play ranked, get over the initial anxiety and the games you have to lose to get rated properly and then dont care about points.

    They are just that.


    And as Joe and JJ have pointed out – Points are bad.


    Try 1v1 quickplay.

    I’ve never had issues with toxic players.


    1st mistake is joining a noob only lobby it’s usually filled with smurfs tryna stroke dey ego

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