Transform Flemish Revolution into a Real Revolution

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    Since the Burgundians have a revolutionary theme, it seems odd that their villagers simply join their army.

    Instead, they should fight against the player, even going so far as to kill the Burgundian king.

    To replace this aspect of the UT, I suggest the Flemish Revolution.

    This would allow the player to create Flemish Militia from their Town Centers, which would be able to convert enemy villagers to their cause, turning them into military units with the ability to continue the conversion process.

    This would function similarly to a monk’s conversion ability, but with a shorter regeneration time.

    While this UT would not be particularly strong in high-level play, it would add a fun, unique aspect to less competitive matches, effectively mimicking the spread of revolution through an opponent’s economy.

    While I originally came up with this idea as a joke, I’m actually quite excited about it!


    The unit itself needs to have the Spearman armor so that there are more counters to it.

    Then you can lower its cost to balance it out and still be an option (I have never seen a FM produced from a TC)


    MY Proposal:
    The Research should be longer, from 10s to 30 s
    And the drum roll and text should come when you click up: “A revolution is on the way”

    More time to prepare would make it more fun.

    Also the price should scale with how many vills you have to armor up. 5g-10g / vill maybe


    A radical idea would be just remove the part of “converting villagers into Flemish Militia” but instead only providing the option of creating them in TCs and maybe barracks.

    Lower the cost, adjust the unit stat and reduce the production time to make it a spammable units for emergency.

    I don’t know if this idea too radical or that the original tech is so radical that makes this change sounds radical.


    Or just make the cost proportional to the number of villagers upgraded, like Spies.

    It will probably not fix all the problems, but at least it will make the tech a little more sane.

    That should also make it slightly more AOE2-like, instead of the gimmick that it is now.


    I don’t think the game is served well by creating more unique mechanics.

    I already think Shrivamsha Riders, Coustilliers, Urumi Swordsmen, Ratha, etc are things that shouldn’t really be in the game, because they break your expectations of the core mechanics.

    I think it would be interesting to just change Flemish Revolution such that it only allows you to create Flemish Militia from TCs, possibly also for your allies.

    It would give some use to your TCs other than protection in the late game, when you’re no longer making villagers.

    The creation speed would have to be high enough that it makes sense to create them even with 3 TCs, because otherwise a TC is *very* expensive for a production building.

    Still not sure if I like that idea more than simply replacing the tech with something completely different though.


    I don’t think the tech itself is problematic, i think they need to nerf the militia though.

    should be much weaker


    I love this idea!

    Perhaps the militia could go under AI control, represeting that you no longer have control of your people!


    Just make it that once its researched you can no longer create vils


    Why not “once research, give incremental currency that can be used to recruit flemish revolutionary.

    Without creation time”.

    But you need to wait to accumulate enough currency to recruit a huge army or use it more regularly for sporadic helps.

    Maybe even make a timer on their usage.

    Like 1 or 2 mins before they go back to the TC.


    Too compicated.


    Counter proposal:


    Upon researching flemish revolution, all enemy villagers become flemish militia under your control.

    Might be a tad too much on the strong side in team games, but overall I don’t think it’s too much of a concern.


    An easy fix would be just to increase the cost of the technology.




    How about making FR double or triple vil creating time to make reboom much harder?


    Maybe make the tech more costly and more similar to first crusade/cuman merceneries: in each barrack the players 10 flemmish militia can be trained for free?

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