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    Do I have to do this in ranked matches?

    While I believe it’s dishonest, I acknowledge that it can be effective.


    Well, I don’t think you will find many people here who agree that small trees is cheating, or that modding is cheating at all.

    Most people will agree it is extremely helpful and some would also definitely say it is a requirement.

    Many people would even say it’s the only mod you really need.

    But to answer your question, it’s not a must on ranked.

    It’s super helpful, but not a must.

    The same could be said for pushing deer or laming the opponent.

    Just another one of those things I guess.


    Wth would that be cheating?

    The game is literally unplayable without it.


    I play ranked and play without small trees because personally I wouldn’t ever enjoy the game with it.


    I agree with you that this mod gives you an advantage over your opponent.

    I wouldn’t call it cheating though.

    It’s a mod, however, so you have to know it exists in the first place.

    Not everybody posts on reddit or watches streams.

    However, small trees has become an ingame setting with the new PUP.

    So it’s no longer a mod.

    This changes the question completely.

    It’s now “available” to everyone.

    PS You ask a valid question, I’m sorry you’re being downvoted.


    its unplayable without it, i literally cant click on trees to the south without it.

    I end up clicking on an outer tree and the vill walks all the way around


    mods = cheating is fair but the game also makes walling so difficult without small trees and grid, they are pretty standard.


    It’s not a must, plenty of people play without it because they think it looks better.

    I personally prefer the looks of the smaller trees (not the “all identical christmas trees” kinda thing), and greatly prefer being able to see my villagers and holes.

    Cube mod would probably be even better in terms of performance, but that would lower my enjoyment, and at my level it probably wouldn’t even make much of a difference.

    Regarding mods as cheating is somewhat problematic though.

    There are many “quality of life” mods (like fish borders, better grid, different location for resource panels, better idle vill indicator) that just make playing the game a more pleasant experience.

    Some of these have even ended up inspiring the devs to offer the same as core features in the game.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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