This Upcoming Patch Appears Utterly Incredible…

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    The user suggests that the game’s interface and lobby system require significant improvements more than any enhancements for infantry.

    They ask the developers to address the issue with the lobby browser and enable them to keep their team of friends together post-game.


    Yes please


    And don’t disable mods every new patch


    Please devs!


    Syper Hyped for the New Patch and agree that the Lobbies should be addressed, but I feel like the priority should be pathing.

    Military first and Villager second of it’s that large of an issue to tackle and needs to be addressed in steps.

    After all these years, polishing the units movement and doing what they’re told would be the greatest quality of life issue they could tackle.


    Tweaking some numbers on units is nowhere near the same amount of work as this.

    As much as we need it, it has zero bearing on balancing the game.


    not only that, a fix for crashes, solve pathing, an antichea y┬┤know just basic stufft.

    And im not even asking fancy stuff for an old game like a reconnect button.

    IM just asking for a game that WORKS like it should be, **i would literally pay a dlc for a fixed pathing.**




    I played League of Legends recently, and after returning to AOE2, that made me realize that we really need a better ping system other than a simple X.

    Making a ping wheel menu with different icon/sound would improve communication greatly.

    In addition of the default X (alert/danger), I suggest these different ping types in the 8 portioned wheel: attack, defense, on my way, trade/market, castle, wall.

    You could add a secondary wheel with Archer, siege, cavalry, infantry, warship, monk/relic,outpost, tower.


    And an option to not have voice chat on for game pass users!


    Yes a lobby system remake pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its so bad right now.

    Also make a few lobby rooms, 1 for noobs, 1 for regular rm, 1 for other game modes.

    Then all we need is in-game voice chat and we have a game!


    I watched MaSmOrRa’s interviews with the behind the scenes people and I really do get it and their perspective.

    Still, it’s beyond absurd and unacceptable that years after its release these simple things we want have not been done yet.

    I have no clue how actually complex it may be in terms of coding/programming or whatever the technical term is.

    But surely by now they’ve found the budget/time to allocate some resources to addressing these things, no?

    Age of Empires has always been a community-driven project.

    The social aspect of it is super crucial, something that made me fall in love with Voobly and as a result made what are now life-long friends.

    The powers that be really need to give the greenlight to the devs to address these social features.

    We want lobbies to actually show up.

    We want a way to communicate.

    We want to be able to get games going easier and more straight-forwardly.

    Just because we happen to manage now no problem isn’t really the point.

    We really shouldn’t need to put in all this extra effort.

    I would personally prefer pathfinding, the social features, and the way we match together all be given the highest priorities before any DLC or balance changes are made.

    Particularly pathfinding.

    Currently, it is atrocious.


    They should create a better “replay” system, I m done waiting to see the part of 1:53:00 of a 2hs game via x4 Speed


    Also in quick match when I invite someone to party i can’t chat with them?


    We need a reconnect option if we drop from our game.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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